Law of Attraction

The Emotional Scale and the Law of Attraction

the law of attraction and the emotional scale

The Emotional Scale and the Law of Attraction

No matter what it is we desire for our lives, we need to understand and be aware of where we are on the emotional scale.

Check out a visual representation of the emotional scale here.

The emotional scale is like a virtual vibrational spiral. 

At the very top of the spiral we have the good feelings, like love, joy, and gratitude. 

Down at the very bottom we have feelings of despair, depression, anger, and rage. 

Boredom, or neutral is in the middle. 

The goal is to have neutral as our default vibration on the scale.

Why is having our emotional set-point default to neutral?  

Why not joy and love?

Because we live in the real world. 

We experience contrast. 

The highs and lows of life. 

Polarity will drag us up and down this spiral. 

The key to mastering this concept is to not linger in lower vibrational feelings too long. 

Being aware of this will allow for us to become more empowered versus staying in victim mode.

We’ve heard the saying that life happens for us, not to us. 

We may not always have control of our outside circumstances but we surely have control of how we respond and what we do with our feelings.

If we linger down the spiral too long, we end up manifesting unwanted things from that place.  Without us even realizing the law of attraction works constantly.  

On the contrary, if we are mindful and stay closer to the better feeling emotions throughout our day, we will manifest more of what it is we want. 

Setting intentions from the higher portion of the spiral and keeping those good feelings active will no doubt unlock the real secret to life. 

This is true empowerment. 

The opposite happens too, so being careful never to set intentions from a place of feeling depressed or frustrated. 

Intentions may not even be at the conscious level; just by feeling the emotions of say for example being broke or unloved, will only bring more of those unwanted things into your experience. 

Our job is to stay as close to the top of the spiral, and when we find ourselves dipping down we acknowledge and catch ourselves. 

We don’t want to stay down there too long. 

Otherwise if we take action from this place, again, we will manifest more of what we don’t want.

Slowly climbing back up the spiral with the goal to getting to at least neutral is a smart way to get out of a funk. 

It’s unrealistic to go from feeling angry to joy within a few minutes.  Giving ourselves grace and knowing we have these tools can be life changing.  

Taking some deep breaths, thinking of things to be grateful for, or just getting outside in nature can help bring you closer to the better feelings.

It’s really a remarkable way to live life. 

Knowing that like attracts like and remembering that the Universe’s language is vibration and taking inspired action from a place of joy and love, well, that’s when miracles will start to unfold in the most amazing and awe-inspiring ways!

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