“Insight House Counselling has been at The Garden since July 2017. Clients have reflected that this is a peaceful place when they walk in the door. Jo and Emily, co-founders of The Garden are very encouraging and supportive to the members and collaboration is one of their passions, and encouraging networking with others. Personally I have loved coming to work in this space. Also Jo Shutt has become my business mentor this has been a growth for Insight House Counselling.”

Bev McInnes – Insight House counselling

“The girls at the Garden Frankston have created a lovely and welcoming venue for running workshops, events or even just hanging out in their collaborative space.

The support and creativity that they offer is the reason why I choose to hire rooms there. I want to operate my business with a group of like minded professionals, and with a tribe that support you.

I’ve come across many businesses that offer support in their packages, but when it comes to the crunch, their support has been lacking and sometimes quite the opposite.

I love the fact that the girls walk their talk and truly care about you as an individual, not just as a business. Thanks Emily and Jo for your ongoing support and care, and for giving us an opportunity to use such a beautiful space.”

Vicky – Sanctuary For Souls

“I’m so grateful for the consulting space at The Garden. It’s such a good option for a casual coaching career. Booking is easy and it’s got a great self-serve set up which keeps it totally simple. And it feels good there. One of my clients said it feels “happy” at The Garden and I totally agree. Thanks Emily Jones and Jo Schutt – such an awesome service you provide for our community!”

Leah Davidson, The Group

“Joining as a member of The Garden has been one of the best decisions I have made, not only for my business but also for myself. Jo and Emily have managed to create a space that is vibrant, dynamic, fun and supportive. As a hypnotherapist it is extremely important that the energy within my professional space is just right as it sets up the initial transaction of energy with my clients, this is exactly what The Garden offers. When I am not seeing clients I jump into the co-working space where I am able to focus my attention on my business and work without distraction, whilst having the added benefit of knowing that I have the ability to bounce ideas and gain feedback from Jo and Emily if needed. I would encourage anyone whom may be interested in either working as a practitioner in a professional space or who may be looking for an office outside of home to utilise The Garden – you will not be disappointed.”

Simone Power – Sacred Willow Hypnotherapy

“I stumbled across The Garden in Frankston whilst searching for a room to rent in which to start my own Naturopathic business. I’m happy to say that it’s been the best business decision I’ve made and for many different reasons.
Jo and Emily have been amazingly helpful and supportive, the rooms and overall environment of The Garden is beautiful and well set out. Being able to network and cross-refer with other practitioners in the space was a huge positive for me, especially since my business is a new start-up.
The exposure my clinic receives is continuing to grow through Jo & Emily’s efforts to advertise the services The Garden has to offer, and there are many opportunities to cross-promote with other practitioners and during events/workshops.”

“Gorgeous space for Holistic & Well-being! We have booked this space for our upcoming Wine & Wellness Evenings & are simply thrilled at the community spirit we have found here. Love it!”

Michele Scott Numerologist