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Step 106- The Prosperity Project Journey of 1,000 Steps

Step 106

The Fabler

A 30 Step Module on Goal Setting

Hello and welcome to Step 106

This month we explore time mindsets, goal setting and walking as a way to build healthy habits.

The Prosperity Project Journey of 1,000 Steps

Hello Community!

Welcome to Step 106 of The Prosperity Project Journey of 1000 Steps.

The Apprentice Journey began on New Years Day 2020.

Each day we will be completing 3 actions for our Mind, Body & Business Leadership Journey.

Please feel free to follow along or be inspired to create your own journey of leadership and positive change.

In addition to the mind, body, business tasks we are completing, there will be a range of additional resources such as videos, blog posts and audio files attached to each step.

Today’s tasks are listed below but please remember this is only 1% of your day and if you have more time please extend each activity.

Remember you are aiming for consistency!!

It’s better to walk for 5 mins each day and build a daily habit than go walking for 10kms on a Sunday and do nothing on any other day.

Have a great day today, and remember:

You have the power to create

You have the passion to succeed

You have the resources you need to find your solution

YOU have the power to create

YOU have the passion to succeed

YOU have resources to find a solution


Body 106

Put your shoes on and go for a walk during your lunch break

One of the key steps to having a healthy body is to move it whenever you can.

All that is required to complete today’s body task is to get your trainers on at lunch time and go for a nice leisurely stroll around the block.

If you are totally quarantined in the house or at work, look for stairs or a place somewhere in the house or at work where you can walk on the spot if you have to!!

Just make sure wherever you are–that you are interrupting the habit of being stationary at lunch, and replacing the habit with getting up and moving about instead.

Although this task seems simple it has been designed to encourage consistency and habit building.

Every single person can take a minimum 4 minutes out of their day to exercise.

Please remember this is all about forming habits.



Mind Task: Time Mindset

Meditate: Breathing with Time

You have listened to the Breathing with Time Meditation for a week now. Just take a moment to think about your week and how you are feeling.

What have you noticed about your mindset around time?

Have you been more aware of your restricted thinking around time?

When you’ve become aware of your negative mindset around time have you used your affirmation to create a new mindset?

Has time changed in your life in any way?

If you haven’t noticed your mindset around time over the past week, then take this new week ahead to make it a focus. 

Take every opportunity where you notice yourself saying “I’m busy” “I don’t have enough time” to stop in your tracks,

take a breath

and repeat your new positive time affirmation 3 times.

Today I’d like you to continue to listen to the Breathing with Time Meditation at your set time and in your set location and at the end of your practice journal about your experience with time over the last week.

Extended practice: Write down your time affirmation 7 times and listen to the longer version of this meditation for sale in the shop. 

Click Here to purchase the extended Breathing with Time Meditation

Card 4 - Fabler Mind Workbook Images (1)

Click Here to download the 30 step mindfulness workbook for the card of The Fabler



Hello Community and Welcome to step 106 in The Prosperity Project Journey of 1,000 Steps where this month you have been learning about setting goals and the strategy and tactics to help you achieve them.

So far in the series you have looked at:

  • Defining your goal
  • Defining the final product
  • Communnicating the completion of the goal
  • Defining Problems
  • Defining resource issues
  • Connecting or collaborating with someone who would most likely want to be involved with the project
  • Connecting or collaborating with someone who would most likely NOT want to be involved with the project
  • Connecting or collaborating with someone who would most likely want to be sidelined or benched with the project
  • Learning about closures
  • Learning about gaps
  • Learning about pivots

Today we look at an interesting topic; which is who has the final say in you reaching your goal— and for the sake of simplicity and ease of rememberance  we are going to name this person “The General”.

“The General” is an interesting person, because unless you acknowledge who it is from the start, then chances are you think it is you, and in theory this makes perfect sense.

It is your goal.

Your time.

Your money.

Your resources.

So it seems like a simple answer to think that it is you who is running the show—however when we pull back the curtains, often this is not true at all, and this is perfectly ok—we don’t all have to be “the general” or the one in the drivers seat all the time!!!

But….. I’m going to keep repeating what I said earlier.

So long as you are honest with yourself, then you know what to you are up against.

So long as you are open and honest with your strategist, then he or she knows what you are up against.

The problem comes when you are either unaware of the truth of the matter, or you are turning a blind eye to it….and I’m going to give you a very simple example to show what I mean.

Have you ever worked with a woman who wants to reach a goal so badly, (say losing weight or saving money or running a business?) but that never seems to occur?

No matter what this woman tries to do – and you can see that she is indeed trying—there is something going on at a deeper level which means she just can’t break through in achieving her goals?

I have.

I’ve been a living example of it much of my life (I have 4 children and have had partners who were quite vocal in their views of how I should live my life!!) and I’ve worked with (I don’t know how many…but a heck of a lot!) of women who also are in the same position.

This is an interesting problem, and it shows up again in card 8 “problem child” where we start to tackle it and see whether or not the problem can be solved or whether or not a full blown collapse occurs, and I will share with you the reason why.

Most times a woman doesn’t achieve her goals is because behind the scenes someone else is running the show and has severe or massive influence over the decisions she is making.

Yes this woman may be strong, empowered, have great resources and be the one with time and energy invested into reaching the goal, but if she is failing, its usually because she is really not the one running the show.

Instead it may be:

  • Her husband/partner/lover
  • Her children
  • friends
  • parents/parents-in-law
  • Her work/employer
  • Her school/teachers
  • Or even her inner child or ego.

You can insert anyone here and the result is still the same.

Someone in the woman’s life is “The General” and has a “hold” around her, restricting her from doing what she wants….what she truly wants….and should she “buck” against whoever or whatever is this….its going to cause a “collapse” or a “black swan event” and drastically change her life possibly causing much more pain and heartache than what she feels ready to cope with at this stage of her life.

I’m going to give you a super simple example.

Imagine the goal I set for myself was to walk my daughter to school every day.

In theory this seems quite simple—except for the fact that we used to live over an hours walking distance to school.

To achieve this goal if it was truly important to me would mean one of three things would need to occur in my life.

  1. I would need to change my job
  2. I would need to change where we lived.
  3. I would need to change my daughters school.

Whichever one of the three options I chose would have a knock on effect which would cause other effects…leading to people like my husband or my daughter influencing the goal that I truly wanted to achieve.

In this instance as much as I Like to think I’m the general, I’m not—because the decisions need the involvement of other people in order for me to fulfil my dream.

Today, I ask you to take a minute and think about who “The General” in your life is in relation to the goal you have set.

Is it your kids?

Is it your hubby or partner?

Is it your ego or inner child?

Who is in the drivers seat influencing your decision making and actions not only on a surface level but at a deep and subconscious level? Are you brave enough to “name” this person and look at what happens if you were to empower yourself to be “the general” yourself?

Feel free to share your answers in the forum and if you have any questions, please reach out and I will help you as best as I can.

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