Vanessa O’Farrell


Vanessa is a qualified nutritionist with a special interest helping women, break the weight loss dieting cycles, finding joy in food and reconnect with their bodies.

Vanessa worked for many years in the library industry and in her mid-30s faced some health challenges, which lead to significant lifestyle and career changes and a passion for nutrition.

Food philosophy

Eating food should not only be nourishing, but also pleasurable and satisfying experience. It is possible to enjoy and eat foods you love and not feel guilty about eating them.

Intuitive Eating

Evidence shows that 95% of weight loss diets are not sustainable in the long term and that people regain the weight within 2 -5 years. This constant cycling through diets is both physically and mentally exhausting.

Breaking the dieting cycle and finding joy in food is challenging, but with proper support, it is possible and rewarding.

Some benefits include:

  • Increased energy
  • Better relationship with food and eating.
  • Freedom from the restrictive rules of weight loss diets
  • Flexible and fits in with your lifestyle

One-to one sessions with Vanessa enables clients to explore and develop strategies that are suited to their individual needs.