Sam Goss

Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner

Rediscover yourself – Healing & Resolution that is right for you.
Get back to who you really are in order to live the best, happiest and most fulfilled life possible.
I would love to help you discover your limiting core beleifs that prevent you from being all you can be.
Also specialising in grief, trauma, anxiety and stress.
Clear any blocks that may be preventing you from reaching your highest potential
•sports performance

Mend the past; change your future!


About South Health Seeker

We at Soul Health Seeker endeavour to help you find direction, health, hope and growth, regardless of where you are on your journey.

Should you be seeking self-improvement, self-development or healing, we will connect you with practitioners who provide services and pathways leading to such things. We wish to introduce you to therapies, services and products that you may not have heard of or perhaps you have heard of them but may not be aware of the benefits they offer. If you are already well into your journey, we wish to remind you of the great therapies, products and practices that are available.

Soul Health Seeker endeavours to bring to you providers who match our values of openness, simplicity, giving, community and change. While we acknowledge there is a place for synthetic pharmaceuticals and treatments, we at SHS are showcasing the alternatives that are more in line with our holistic values.

Our aim is to create a community where you feel supported on your journey. We have a goal with clear plans to create a system to make these healings and treatments accessible to all, especially those that are not able to access them for various reasons such as affordability.