Beverley McInnes

Trauma counselling & Insight recovery from abuse course facilitator

For many years Bev has been passionate about working with individuals and families in the area of Trauma Counselling, specializing in Sexual, Emotional and Physical Abuse. Addictions, Anxiety & Depression, Anger Resolution, understanding the need to have a safe place to express yourself, gain insight from your past which affects your present and future.

Throughout the years of Counselling clients and recognizing how trauma and addictions and coping defence mechanisms in a persons life cause several things like struggling with fear, anger, intimidation of man, insecurities, anxiety, shame, guilt, powerlessness, betrayal, contempt, ambivalence and walls of defence, in 2008 Bev developed and wrote an 8 weeks course called Insight Recovery From Abuse. This course brings about a balance between cognitive behaviour and inner healing.

Insight helps with breakthroughs in patterns of behaviour and an understanding of emotional pain and its root cause. During these sessions the aim is to gain a deeper INSIGHT regarding the pain and its effects from past experiences.


INSIGHT teaches life skills and journaling tools which enable one to engage in healthy behaviour imparting confidence to break free from the past and move forward into the future.

Counselling one on one combined with Insight Recovery from Abuse works hand in hand for the clients benefit and healing.


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Phone number: 0432 321 332