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It was through learning HypnoBirthing her second pregnancy that Simone established the understanding, abilities and self-confidence to create the birth experience she desired. Experiencing a calm, empowered and instincutal birth sparked her interest in hypnotherapy and an enthusiasm to share this knowledge with others.

Simone’s first experience of birth was quite a difficult and traumatic one, so the contrast of the beautiful, tranquil experience of a HypnoBirth was powerful enough to set her on the path to learn more about the other benefits of Hypnotherapy.

The first qualification learning to become a HypnoBirthing facilitator but this quickly lead to a Certificate IV in Hypnotherapy followed by a Diploma at the Academy of Hypnotic Science. Her studies gave Simone an in depth understanding of how her own experiences as a child and teenager impacted on her as a Mother and were preventing her from being the calm, tension free Mum she wanted to be. The changes that occurred within her in the first year of training inspired a life-long journey of learning about the incredible range of healing methods that Hypnotherapy offers.

Simone believes that everybody has the capability within themselves to access the tools required to create new beginnings in their life and that every second, of every day is the opportunity for a clean slate & fresh start.

Areas that Simone loves to work with are pre & post natal health including anxiety & depression or trauma from past experiences that may effect the ability to birth without fear or bonding with your baby. Simone also works with people to assist with weight loss through Virtual Gastric Banding, practices Phsychotherapy (Human Givens) and is a PYSCH-K® Facilitator.

If you’d like to make an appointment with Simone, she’s available at The Garden on Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday from 9am till 3pm.

Rebates are available through some health funds.

Simone offers free 15 minute phone consultations to help you see if she’s the right therapist for you.

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