Networking should be the cornerstone of your marketing and community building. It’s inexpensive, it is the fastest way to build rapport and it can make you feel much more connected, especially if you work alone.


Here is a list of local business networking groups: 

Motivating Mums: held at The Garden on the 1st Thursday morning (almost full) & 3rd Tuesday morning of the month, there are other Biz Mum Clubs throughout Melbourne

Business in Heels – Mornington Peninsula: evening meetings are held at various locations across the Peninsula once a month

Bloom Networking – held at The Garden on the 4th Wednesday morning of the month, plus Mordialloc, Mornington and Berwick on different days of the week

Soar Collective – evening events held monthly at different locations around the Mornington Peninsula

Frankston Business Network – evening meetings are monthly at different locations

Peninsula Business Network – breakfasts and evening meetings held at different locations

Casey Cardinia Business Group – a range of different meeting types held at several locations

There are also a large number of Meetups and BNI chapters across all areas, a quick google search will help you find these kinds of groups.


Quick Tips for Effective Networking

  1. Attend consistently so you get to know other members and they get to know you
  2. Select a few groups that suit you and your business type and add value to those groups, be helpful, refer family and friends to other people’s business without expecting anything in return
  3. NEVER and add people to your mailing list without their permission
  4. Follow up if you say you’re going to!!
  5. Set your intention before you go, think about who you would like to meet, what kind of referrals you are looking for, how you can be helpful
  6. In a larger networking setting, don’t be afraid to excuse yourself from a conversation and go and meet some new people, OR, if you’ve met someone you feel comfortable with, why not ask them if they want to join you in introducing yourself to new faces. Most people understand that everyone is there to network. In a room full of 100 or so business owners it doesn’t make sense to chat to the same people for the whole event (as easy as that is). Step outside of your comfort zone and mingle!


Facebook Groups you might like to promote your products and services in: (please be mindful to take note of the rules and stick to them, admins get upset if you don’t. We have listed here to the best of our knowledge to give you a guide, check pinned posts, header images and about sections to clarify)

Mornington Peninsula Mums (Wednesday evenings from 8pm onwards)

Mornington Peninsula Business Women (Tuesday & Thursday evenings from 8pm onwards)

Mumma’s Corner – Everything Money (Monday evenings from 8pm onwards)

Mumma’s Corner (Wednesday nights after 7pm)

Peninsula Sisters (Fridays only)

Frankston Noticeboard (read pinned post)

Peninsula Health & Wellbeing Network (anytime)

Wellness on the Peninsula

Event Organisers Anonymous! (anytime)

Practitioner Support Network (Fridays)

Frankston & Mornington Business (anytime)

Business in Heels – Mornington Peninsula (weekends)

Business Business Business (once every 7 days, no set days)

I am a Business Owner in Victoria (you can’t promote your business in this group but it is a good place to ask all kinds of business questions)


There are many others, these are the main groups that we are familiar with, that have interesting conversation and active members. There are also very specific groups for any topic you’d like to learn more about, like Podcasting, WordPress etc. Simply type these words into the search bar and see waht comes up. If you know of a group you’d like us to add please get in touch via email:


Tips for promoting in Groups on Facebook 

  1. Stick to the rules, as mentioned above. Many of the admins will remove you without warning if you promote your business outside the allocated times
  2. Remember that many of these groups have the same members in them and if you continually post in one after the other, people will switch off, so personalise the message or include a different image
  3. Alternate the groups and times you post rather than do a blanket bomb across all the groups you can think of in one go
  4. When sharing a Post or Event from your Facebook page into a group, add a personalised message to it. Obviously all the information you want conveyed is in the original post, but simply sharing it without adding a message is like saying “here, read this”….. Instead, give a quick intro, tell them WHY they should read it
  5. What’s in it for them? If you’re promoting something, ALWAYS put the reader first and tell them how you’ll help them, how you will solve their problem. This applies to all marketing content
  6. Who are your target and are they in this group? If not, there’s probably not much point posting in it or as mentioned above, you’ll need to alter your message accordingly. Are they fellow practitioners who you could create a collaobration with or perhaps someone who would benefit from sharing the information with their own community?
  7. The most important tip of all….. add value to the groups you are in, you can’t expect people to buy from you or support your business if they don’t know, like or trust you so be part of the conversations, answer questions, tag people to involve them where relevant and generally be kind and helpful. Then, you’ve earnt the ability to promote your business in a Facebook group