E-VOL V Day 9- Sales Funnels For Beginners PDF

Sales funnels for beginners is from the old Change Room Learning Series- a series of workbooks purchased over the last 5 years with a re-sell license I have used many times for my own journey when I was learning online marketing.

These books are thorough, this PDF is just over 100 pages-yet at the same time is very simple to understand. The book is divided into chapters and then has the worksheets placed behind each chapter.

Over the years, I’ve tried designing these books many different ways to try and get the most optimal teaching…to the point that the learning series in this series has ironically turned into it’s own funnel of sorts.

If you are brand new to learning about content marketing, and want to get a quick overview of what each of these subjects teach I would recommend the worksheets from The Hummingbird first. I offer a $10 gift voucher for signups to the email newsletter and each month after that too. You can use your vouchers to purchase any of the $10 products in the shop, effectively making this entry level part of the funnel free.

After that if you want to learn more, you can purchase one of the original Change Room Learning Series books (which is this product here).

If after all that, you want some hands on practical help of what to do next, The Prosperity Project shows you 30 step-by-step real life actions you can take to implement what you have learned or to at least understand the basics of what you need so you can then go and pay a contractor to do it for you.

To see what the PDF looks like inside, please click on the magnifying glass and it will make the images bigger.

These worksheets are made in A4 size so you can print at home or officeworks in your choice of colour or black and white or simply do what I did when I first began, and I grabbed a large a4 sized book, and I used it to hold ALL of my notes and answers to what I was learning. Doing it this way not only saves on printing costs, but it allows you to build a huge learning resource for you to refer back to the more your journey progresses.

*Please note: This is a digital product for sale and has been designed as part of a build-your-own-book-series.

You will receive a PDF download once purchase has been made, and no physical product will be shipped.

If you would like a physical product, you can purchase the printed book at the end of the year once all the worksheets have been finalised.

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