1M1M1Y Day 3 Worksheets for sale


These worksheets were made on Day 3 of One Mummy- One Million Dollars- One Year and are going to form the basis of a workbook once completed.

This download is a lot bigger than yesterday’s day 2 product and includes 74 worksheets. I’ve show the first 10 in the images for you to get an idea, but in this instance because there are 10 products for sale you are working with, some of the pages are a replica of the others.

If you are having trouble viewing the images, simply click on the magnifying glass.

These worksheets are made in A4 size so you can print at home or officeworks in your choice of colour or black and white or wait a few more days until I have the entire series completed and then I will offer the printed versions too 🙂

*Please note: This is a digital product for sale and has been designed as part of a build-your-own-book-series.

You will receive a PDF download once purchase has been made, and no physical product will be shipped.

If you would like a physical product, you can purchase the printed book once all the worksheets have been finalised.


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