12 month Sponsorship Opportunity


This is the second product offered for sale during the story of One Mummy- One Million Dollars- One Year, and was first offered on Day #1.

It comes under the classification of Advertising in the 6 products that are offered for sale as part of the story.

Purchasing this product gives the sponsor:

  • branding on the bottom of each days blog post,
  • a banner on the website,
  • a full page advertisement on the back of my weekly diaries that are offered for sale each week for the year of 2020 – 2021 until the story is finished,
  • PLUS
  • an opportunity to contribute a Knowledge Transfer Plan for the Journey of 1,000 Steps, published by my parent company Metamorphosis Digital, with an opportunity for content to be published on The Garden’s website to be freely shared with the community if you wish, plus printed books offered for sale in the shop too 🙂


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