NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), is a model that explains the basic characteristics between mind (neuro) and language (linguistic) and how they impact our body and behaviour (programming). Established by John Grinder and Richard Bandler as a school of thought that addresses the numerous levels of being human. It was established on the concepts that 1. The Map is Not the Territory and 2. Life and ‘Mind’ are Systemic Processes.

1. The Map is not the territory implies that we as people can only know our own understandings of reality and never ever understand reality as a whole. It is an understanding that it is not reality that restricts us or empowers us, however rather our map of reality.

2. Life and ‘Mind’ are Systemic Processes means our bodies, societies and our Universe form an ecology of complex systems and sub-systems that all engage with and affect each other.

Such systems are based on particular self-organising concepts and naturally look for optimum states of stability. All the designs and strategies of NLP are based upon the mix of these 2 concepts. Since its creation in 1975, NLP has developed significantly and established some very effective tools for interaction and modification of human behaviour.

James Cole is an accredited Master Practitioner of NLP and integrates it with Matrix Therapies® and Hypnosis to form an effective set of tools that he utilises to Empower individuals to wake and find their self-confidence, courage, enthusiasm and purpose while welcoming their own power to produce the future they imagine.