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After leaving high school James invested over twenty years in the movie industry with his business Hysteria Productions. Working mostly as an editor and visual effects artist for feature movies, commercials and music videos, it was here that he established an enthusiasm for the human mind, how it works and ways to guide it for the best psychological reaction to the work he was developing in the film industry.

“One of the reasons I wanted to make movies was to tell stories of people waking up to the manipulation present in every day life. To encourage them to take responsibility for their own lives and aspire to achieve greatness. All I ended up doing was contributing to the problem.” says James. 

A level of anxiety arose with James’ understanding that his abilities were being used to influence people to make purchases by preying on their worries and insecurities. James then made the decision to remove himself from the industry and return to study what he had become passionate about, to include structure and discipline to his enthusiasm for the mind, in such a way where he might empower individuals as he initially meant.

Discovering courses that satisfied his quest for knowledge of the human mind, James set about earning his qualifications in a number of modalities that compliment and enhance each other, to enable thim to get incredible results for his clients.

His qualifications include a Masters of Life Coaching degree at The Life Coaching College, he’s a Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing) and Hypnosis & Advanced Matrix Therapies® Practitioner.

James founded Rebellious Coaching to empower people to live free, in their own authenticity but his techniques go beyond regular motivational and life coaching and his programs are designed to give clients amazing, long lasting results with a new found level of courage, inner strength and power to make positive change – fast!  


“Personal Empowerment IS Personal Freedom”


James also offers individual “Empowering Meditations” sessions to teach you how to achieve the state of relaxation and contentment through meditation as well “Create your life with Meditation” sessions using meditation and the Law of Attraction and “Personalised guided Meditations” because as James says, “sometimes we need a little extra help to get our lives where we want them to be.” Learn more about Meditation

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