Thank you for choosing The Garden as a place to grow your business.

This page is here to help you make your experience easier and more enjoyable.

We like to help our members and casual users be as self sufficient as possible while providing an excellent service. This means you can run your events, record your podcast or audio scripts or see clients at any time of the day, without being confined to traditional venue hours.


Recording Studio Instructions & Useful Information


AV equipment in the Bloom Room & Salt Room 


Event Checklist – this Event Checklist is a bonus for your purposes and is not specific to The Garden


Housekeeping Slide – this can be added to your own presentation to inform your attendees of emergency exits, fire extinguisher & first aid kit locations etc.

Resources to help build your community – A list of places to network, promote your business online and get support from other local business owners

A few general points that help us ensure The Garden is a safe and user-friendly environment for all

  • We have a large range of glasses, coffee cups and mugs, bowls, small plates & cutlery that are available for you to use while you’re at The Garden. We also have a number of vases and platters. Please get in touch if you’d like more specific information
  • All dishes must be left clean and put away in the kitchen, ready for the next person
  • We welcome the use of various materials to help you run your classes / events but appreciate you running the vacuum cleaner over the floor when you’re done, again to ensure the space is clean and ready for the next person
  • If glasses of water are left half full, please empty them onto the plants in the reception area rather than down the sink (saves water and gives the plants a drink)
  • If you are the only one at The Garden and running a class / event or seeing a client, PLEASE lock the door and PLEASE don’t leave your key in the door while the front door is unattended. This is extremely important for the safety of you, your client and the space
  • Please turn off all heating or cooling when you’re finished
  • Please turn all lights off when you leave if no one else is in the space
  • No flames are allowed at The Garden, this includes incense, candles, oil burners etc.


Gaining Access to The Garden

As we are very flexible with times for when The Garden can be used it does mean that we (the co-founders) are not always here to open & lock up for you!

At The Garden we have a digital lock & will provide you with an instructional video via email & text you through your unique access code 24 hours prior to your booking. If you have not received the code please call or text either Emily & Jo.

Some points to remember:

  • The code you receive is for you only, please do not share with your attendees or third party providers such as catering etc.
  • Please ensure the door is locked from the inside using the silver key button once all your guests have arrived.
  • This will ensure no one enters the venue whilst you are in your workshop!
  • Please switch off all heaters, lights etc
  • When leaving make sure the door has locked before walking away

Tea & Coffee

We have a communal tea and coffee station in the front (reception) area of the venue that all venue users can utilise. We supply a range of herbal teas (tea bags) and organic coffee for the coffee machine. We ask that you supply your own milk. The coffee machine has instructions on the wall above it, it’s quite simple to use.

Social Media Offer – Girl Friday VA Solutions
Jo Davey from Girl Friday VA Solutions has a very special offer for members of The Garden to assist with social media promotion. If you would like to benefit from her amazing services please complete this form.

Catering options:

There are several cafes, restaurants and the Bayside Shopping Centre food court all in close proximity to The Garden. If you prefer to provide catering as part of your event we recommend The Dharma Hub or Nature’s Nosh as the healthiest, yummiest and great value.

Stanley’s Patisserie
Located just around the corner from The Garden on Olsen St, Frankston they have a range of easy catering options for your event.
Call 9770 1264
Nature Cafe Bar
Located on Thompson street, about a 5 minute walk from The Garden, lots of super healthy, beautiful, delicious food including large range of smoothies, smoothie bowls, burgers, Buddha bowls, raw treats, vegetarian and vegan food!
Call 9781 5183
The Saucery Cafe
Also located on Thompson street, great coffee & yummy home cook style meals, utilising lots of local ingredients, catering for vegetarians, vegans & other dietary requirements too!
Call 9781 5183