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Holding True to Who You Are

Holding true to who you are

Holding true to who you are is immediately empowering.

When you are living as your true and authentic self, you feel a sense of liberation and freedom as you no longer live by fixed societal beliefs and expectations, but instead start to bring awareness to what feels most truthful to you.   

This insight comes from understanding what lights you up and what makes you feel heavy.

It’s this polarity that pushes you to the edge of comfort and unmasks your hidden truths and fears, that asks you to question all your limiting thoughts and beliefs about yourself and your life.

Holding true to who you are

In life sometimes you need to step outside the culturescape and your personal boundaries to discover what you are capable of even if there is no one to catch you when you fall.

It is through these challenges of falling down and getting back up again that resilience is developed and a persistent character unravels that can withstand the breakdown of limiting beliefs around the inner Self.

When you stick to your core values you start to see hardships as lessons to work through emotionally and mentally.

This will lead you to developing a thick skin as you will no longer be ashamed of your values.

Give yourself permission to live the life you came here to play. 

Although many people will judge you for your lifestyle you can rest assure their envy is a reflection of their undeveloped self and their fear of taking a leap into the unknown.

So don’t let their fears and reflections hold you back.

Holding true to who you are

Creating a magical life for yourself is your birthright and it means taking an honest hard look at who you are right now in the present moment and asking yourself:

Are you matching who you want to be?

So many of us believe we need to get the credentials and a degree before we can earn the title of our profession however if you are already passionate and living your truth according to your core values, have an essence of fun and value your potential clients well-being then you are already ahead of the game. 

In Mindfulness we can use mantra in our meditation as a powerful way to reach different states of consciousness such as:

“I am honest and authentic, I know who I am,”

this mantra opens up a dialogue with the ego and gives you the opportunity to witness your thoughts,

  • as you become the observer of your mind,
  • you can sit with this mantra and discover how the Ego fights the truth of this statement,
  • you then have the power to decide if you want to believe in the fears and negativity of the Ego or let the Ego know you’re not playing this game anymore.
Holding true to who you are

Mindfulness allows you to become the Master of your Mind and when you consciously decide to hold true to who you are then the gift of metamorphosis will begin to create the life you are have been dreaming of due to your manifestations and abundant mindset.  

If you are ready to start investigating what your values are and how they are impacting your decision making, then a great way to begin is by dipping your toes into present and future journaling, without committing to the entire Know You & Love You series.

30 individual life topics to get you thinking about where you are today and where you want to be three years from now! At the end of each page you will be asked to list the value which holds meaning to you, to allow you to uncover the real you.

The Beautiful You.

In order for you to be able to hold true to who you are.

To order your copy or find out more- click the link here or on the image below.

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