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Join Kim in retreating to a weekend of spirit communication, healing and connecting with the authentic self as we, Embrace the Spirit Connection.

Over two days you will take your mediumship to a level of self-trust and a heightened awareness of the many ways in which spirit work on the physical plane to impart guidance and evidence of a life beyond this one.

During the weekend you will explore
• Your specific skill set and how to strengthen the connection
• How to create the space in which to receive a clear link
• Techniques to expand the conscious mind to go beyond logic and reason
• The skills to raise your energy frequencies to be a positive channel
• The spirit world from their perspective
• Interpreting spirit messages and interactions
• Receiving healing for body and mind
• Establishing personal boundaries

No two mediums are the same. Interpreting information, working with the energy of spirit is a personal journey that requires the medium to know themselves. This weekend will provide the space and guidance required to deepen the understanding and experience of spirit communication, revealing the strength and power that exists within you.

At the end of the weekend you will walk away with greater trust in yourself and ability, increased vitality and personal recognition.

Suitable for Beginners to Intermediates

This course is aimed at those who have an interest in exploring the various forms of spirit communication, from sensory connections to direct contact.
Suitable for people who may have experienced spirit or psychic communication or connections. Those who would like to embrace their inner personal power to establish a clear connection with spirit.

********Early Bird Tickets, $250 for the weekend***********