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Our Wellness Community & Michele Scott Numerologist presents:

Our very first Wine & Wellness Evening will be Friday 7th September 🍷

An evening for women to gather, and bring a BF along to create some new and novel memories between you.

💜 Complimentary glass of wine on arrival,

💜 Cheese platters & light refreshments,

💜 Personal Readings,

💜 Inspirational Speakers,

💜 Healing, Dancing, Connection with like-minded souls…

Wellness in mind, body, heart & soul.

Every month will be something new.

Our large network of gifted Readers, Healers, Speakers & Teachers are answering the call, and we are willing and ready to do so much more of the work we came here to do.

You are answering the call too.

It’s time.

For a long time this was my own personal path of self awareness. Then it became my purpose. I was called to help others on their path, and this filled me up.

I love it. I love teaching, I love speaking & telling stories. I love healing through Numerology and other modalities I am intimate with. I love sharing what I know. I love bringing people together. Connecting what you need with someone who can supply it.

I love it.

I love helping people. It’s what I do and it’s who I am.

This evening and our big event that will follow in November is going to bring to you much more of this and that.

So you find your calling too!

The world needs all of us to heal it folks and we start by healing ourselves …

Ladies this event is limited capacity. Only 24-Seats available in the room. Let’s fill it up! First in with payment is guaranteed a spot.

Book here: https://michelescottnumerologist.com.au/special-events-speaking-gigs/wine-wellness-evening/