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Do you constantly see 11:11, 4:44 or other repeated numbers?
Do you tend to take on the emotional pain of others?
Have you experienced intuitive insights that you don’t fully understand?
Maybe you crave a deeper connection to your inner self

If you have said YES! to any of the above, then this unique one-day interactive seminar is for you. Join us as we share as much as we can of our combined 30+ years of research and experience in intuition development to assist you to define, identify and connect to your intuition. Using a combination of discussion and interactive practical techniques to heighten your innate higher sensory communication ability, you will leave this dynamic day with your intuition activated and enhanced.

Here are some of the many aspects that you will learn about:

– Access Guidance 24/7
– Identify your intuitive sense
– Understand the difference between instinct, inspirational insight and higher intuition
– Go beyond the conscious mind to connect with the higher self
– Discern intuitive guidance from the intellect and emotion
– Recognise where self-limitation originates and how to release it

Heavily-reduced tickets are available until early February. Limited seats are available so please register early to save and confirm your place.