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Don’t just hope for a great birth, prepare for one with The Positive Birth Course!

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Rarely does a positive birth come down to luck. It comes down to you and the key to being one of those women who said they loved their birth, is education and preparation.
The Positive Birth Formula on which the course is based; is a program that has been developed from the latest evidence and the common elements found in research of hundreds of positive birth experiences.

Be Informed
Be Motivated
Be Supported
Be Inspired
Be Prepared
Be Skilled
Be Relaxed
A Positive Birth Experience.

By taking part in this course you will walk into birth believing in yourself and the natural birth process. You will feel motivated, confident and excited about the birth of your baby. That includes Dad or birth partner too!


✔ Learn how to best prepare your body, mind and baby for a shorter, easier more comfortable birth.
✔ Understand the normal birth process and what to expect physically and emotionally at each stage.
✔ Know how to work with your hormones and your body to help you labour more efficiently.
✔ Understand and release your fears to go into birth believing you can do it!
✔ Reduce or eliminate the need for intervention or pain relief.
✔ Understand the common obstacles to a positive birth and how to overcome them.
✔ Learn skills to make informed decisions and stand up for your choices.
✔ Discover how to birth in a way that’s right for YOU!
✔ Learn how to research and prepare an effective birth plan or wish list.
✔ Have a confident birth partner who feels they are and important part of the birth and can provide effective support.
✔ Discover your innate comfort needs and build a toolbox of skills to manage pain naturally.
✔ Give your child the calmest, healthiest and safest start to life.
✔ Start parenthood on the right foot.
✔ Be prepared for postpartum and the 4th Trimester.
✔ Learn about managing the challenges of early parenting.
✔ Explore tips and techniques to maintaining a strong relationship in early parenting.

Childbirth is a life changing experience and one of the biggest things you will ever do physically, mentally and emotionally. Don’t leave it down to chance!

Take command and optimise your chances of having a positive, empowering birth.

The course is run by Yvette Julian-Arndt who is a mum to two gorgeous boys and has trained as a Childbirth Educator through Childbirth International.

It takes place over two Sundays from 10 – 4.30pm

A comprehensive course manual and workbook.
Birthing Affirmations MP3 download
Birthing Options Fact Sheets
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“Yvettes course is full of information and activities that help you to feel empowered, confident and have full faith in your body. It’s presented in a way that helps both you and your partner feel prepared for what is to come and also includes how to remain positive and in control if complications arise. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to a be in control of their birthing experience.”
E. Friend

“Yvette is a passionate presenter and we got so much valuable information (in very clear, easy to take in presentations & activities) from her in the course. Highly recommended!

Book Now at www.projectbirth.com.au