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For those interested in learning the ancient art of energy healing with Reiki…
Spend this 2 day workshop exploring topics such as:
What is Reiki?
What is energy?
Chakras and auras
Healing principles
Reiki Hand positions
and different uses of Reiki
Be held in your own wisdom when bringing these subjects to life as we gently remember our innate abilities of self healing
Included in the day:
Reiki Attunement
Lots of Reiki practice for self treatment and treatment of others
All materials
Tea/coffee and snacks
What you need to bring:
Your lovely self
Lunch (or lunch can be purchased from nearby shops)
Be fully supported on your Reiki path. These days are so much more than just Reiki, they hold deep insight and awareness to who you are as a human energetic being, and I would be honoured for you to join us
Bookings: http://innerflowholistic.vpweb.com.au/reiki