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Join us and make a conscious choice to take command of your birth experience and help your baby calmly and gently transition from living inside you to the outside world, through the best birth possible! Childbirth is a life changing experience…after all birthing a human being out of your body is a REALLY big deal!  You may only birth your child once, but you will re-live it in your mind over and over again.

Yes, childbirth is challenging and intense. And yes, I hear you saying “Can I really do this?” These thoughts are totally normal because I know you have probably heard some horror stories.

But I am here to tell you “YES YOU CAN!” The birth of your child can be AMAZING! You just need to know the steps to take to make it happen.

By including Project Birth in your journey you will walk into birth believing in yourself and the birth process. You will feel inspired, confident and excited. That includes Dad or birth partner too.

Be one of those women who said they LOVED their birth by OPTIMISING your chances of having a POSITIVE BIRTH EXPERIENCE.

At Project Birth, we say ‘don’t just hope for a great birth…prepare for one’.

Our 2-day course is structured around the Positive Birth Formula-a birthing method that has been developed from the best evidence based practice and the common elements found in thousands of positive birth stories and experiences.

The result is 7 essential elements to creating a safer, easier and more joyful birth.

​ Be Informed + Be Motivated + Be Supported + Be Prepared + Be Inspired + Be Skilled + Be Relaxed
= A Positive Birth Experience.

The PBF course covers everything you need to know and do to optimise your chances of having the birth YOU want. It is derived from a balanced philosophy that draws from a number of different birthing methodologies.  In each of the 7 elements we will help you discover and choose the skills, tools, techniques and options that resonate with YOU!  In other words, we are not going to tell you how to birth- your body and baby already know how to do that! But we are going to help you align yourself with your natural ability to birth and open the doors to the possibilities- it is up to you which ones you walk through.



  • Discover what aspects of birth are important to YOU and learn how to focus on the kind of birth YOU want.
  • Find balance between your birth goals, attitudes and the actions your willing to take to get the birth you want.
  • Find greater motivation for fulfilling birth goals by uncovering the true and valid reasons behind them.
  • Uncover the true benefits of natural birth (things you probably haven’t heard before) to motivate you to give it a red-hot-go!.


  • Learn the mechanics and physiology of labour so you know how to work with your body.
  • Find out what to expect at each stage physically and emotionally.
  • Explore the biggest obstacles to a normal birth and how to overcome them.
  • Understand your rights as a birthing woman.
  • Learn the importance of ‘informed choice’ and take home an ‘in the moment’ guide to empowered decisions making.
  • Know how to write an effective birth plan or birth wish list.


  • Learn how to communicate effectively with your care provider to make sure you are listened to and respected along the way.
  • Stay connected as a couple to ensure mum gets the support she needs.
  • Develop a clear idea of Dad or birth partners role in labour.
  • Create the right labour support team for YOU!


  • Explore the mind/body connection in labour, reduce fear and recondition the mind with positive thoughts.
  • Learn easy and practical steps to take during pregnancy to get your body, your mind and your baby ready for the big day.
  • Find out how to connect with your baby so that you can work together.





  • See what insights and birthing wisdom we can include from other times and cultures to enhance your own experience.
  • Hear stories of women who have LOVED their births…positive birth stories to get you excited about how amazing birth can be.
  • See some positive birth experiences from the Dads point of view so that the birth partner is inspired too.
  • Discover more positive resources to feed your soul and get you even more inspired.


  • Explore your intrinsic comfort needs and pain type so that you know what will be the most effective strategies for YOU in labour.
  • Equip yourself with a range of the best natural pain relieving and labour enhancing strategies to help you stay calm, your body work more efficiently, reduce time in labour and decrease the need for interventions
  • Build a ‘Labour Tool Kit’ for Dad or birth partner so they feel confident and excited too.


  • Discover how a ‘ready and relaxed’ mindset leading up to the start of labour can have positive effects.
  • Explore the concept of ‘Due Date’ and how to avoid the expectations or anxiety it can cause. Learn the impact it has on how labour starts and the birth plays out.
  • Know how long to stay at home and when to make the move to hospital when in labour.
  • Find out what to pack in your labour and hospital bags.


  • Learn the importance of the first hour (e.g. bonding, breastfeeding and skin to skin)
  • Find out everything about the postpartum period that no one else will tell you!
  • Get early parenting advice from other parents.
  • Helpful tips on helping baby transition into their new world.
  • Find out strategies that may reduce your chances of postnatal depression.
  • Discuss roles in parenting and the effects on your relationship.

The Course is presented in an engaging, fun and easy to follow format so that you are not overwhelmed with information and the details can actually sink in.  What you will learn will assist you in the setting of your choice; hospital, birth centre or at home.  It is intended for the birthing woman and her birth partner, so that you can connect, communicate and work together.  It is suitable for 1st time parents or those needing a refresher.  It is also perfect for those who feel like their previous birth/s could have been different.  Courses are best taken between 20 and 30 weeks pregnant however, any time is beneficial if you miss this window.


–  12 hours of education, learning and practice over two consecutive Sundays.

–  Small groups of up to 7 couples

–  Comprehensive course manual and workbook

–  Positive Birth Affirmations MP3

–  Birth Options Fact Sheets

–  Phone and email support leading up to birth

–  FREE Labour Kit valued at over $50

Book now to start your journey to a birth experience worth remembering!

Link for bookings: https://www.projectbirth.com.au/