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Harness the power of a New Year. Dedicate 3 hours of your time to focus on creating your own vision board and work/life balance plan, to guide you to the achievement of your business and personal dreams and aspirations in 2018.

The workshop will guide you through the following topics:

Celebrate what you have achieved in 2017
Review and let go of what did not work in 2017
Create your 2018 goals and plans
Create a vision board for 2018
Balance your work / life in 2018
Create a work / life balance goodies bag


Bookings: https://www.trybooking.com/344520

Your facilitators for the workshop are:

Rachel Gill from Inspired Momentum – a small business coach and marketing specialist, who is passionate about everything small business. Rachel specialises in motivating business owners to achieve their best, and to find happiness and balance in running a small business.

Alyce Proctor from Art Explorers 11:11 – a qualified transpersonal art therapist and artist who creates a safe place to explore and express creatively and to simply enjoy the wonders of art. Alyce runs a successful local art business providing art experiences for both adults and children.