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9 month intuitive energy healing certification… with a hint of spiritual revolution!

Are you feeling called to a career as an energy healer?

Are you a coach or natural therapist feeling called to bring energy healing into the work you do with your clients?

Does your heart say YES to working with beautiful souls to facilitate epic transformations?

What you need to know straight up!

*If you are called to this work then I guarantee you have it within you to facilitate healing and transformation!
*As a teacher I will meet you as your equal. I am a loving guide but YOU are the authority on your truth.
*There are no rules for how you live YOUR life, run YOUR business, do YOUR spiritual journey or facilitate transformations… all I ask is that you show up to meet your soul and your own limitless consciousness.
*You have all of this and more inside of you. What you choose to do with that is up to you!

What sets this course apart:
**The deep inner work needed to connect to your souls true gifts
**Intensive intuitive development
**Tools, skills and knowledge to provide a framework for you to facilitate powerful transformations.
**Deep ongoing support in what will be a badass energy healing mastermind
**1:1 healing and mentoring
**Next level business training with conscious ladyboss and marketing genius Jessica Gwynne!

If you have a big vision or you desire to connect with your own purpose. If you want to take this journey with an amazing group of women including me then this is for you!

What’s this talk about revolution?
*We meet each other as equals, throwing out the old paradigms of student and master
*We learn structures and ‘rules’ only so we can gain confidence and mastery… then break them aka evolve beyond them aka follow our own inner calling
*We are each our own highest authority
*We don’t do things just because we are told that is the way it has always been done
*We see all healing in essence as empowering people and guiding them back to their own true nature

This course includes:
​​** 3 x live 3 day workshops
**Monthly live online teaching calls
** Ongoing support in the Facebook community aka spiritual mastermind
** 3 x 1 hour 1:1 sessions with me
**A 1 day live business mastermind with Jessica Gwynne
** Weekly homework and case studies
** Video tutorials
** Comprehensive course manuals
** Supplementary PDF’s
** Online guest lectures from a variety of my favourite business teachers
** Accountability buddies
** Email and Facebook messenger support
** Lifetime access to the course content, Facebook group and all course updates

The outcomes you will achieve:​
** The ability to more deeply access your intuition AKA Psychic gifts AKA innate wisdom
**The ability to receive clear divine guidance/intuition AKA hear your soul
** The ability to connect with, channel and work with your guides, higher self and soul
** Knowledge of how to best care for your own energy field and prepare a sacred space
** An understanding of the knowledge, skills and tools used in energy healing
** The ability to confidently use these tools and processes for healing
** The ability to provide a mind blowing transformational experience that people want to come back for
** A complete knowledge and understanding of Reiki from a revolutionary perspective
**How to use reiki as a tool for intuitive development
**Know how to provide both a traditional and an intuitive reiki treatment
**How to use the shamanic journey for healing
** A comprehensive knowledge of energetic anatomy
** Understand advanced intuitive energy healing tools
**Know how to provide a complete intuitive energy healing treatment using advanced tools
** know how to set up and market a business
** In depth knowledge of how to attract clients and grow your business
** The confidence to provide professional energy healing services
** Deep personal transformation
** Knowledge of the tools to cultivate and continue the deep inner work needed to create healthy relationships, a joy filled life, an abundant business and powerful transformations for clients.

What that really means:
** You will become a confident, magnetic, soul aligned healer and spiritual guide
**You will reclaim your worth, voice and power
** You will become deeply connected to your intuition, inner wisdom and divinity
** You will transform into someone who follows her heart above all else
** You will become courageous and inspiring to others
** You will passionately dedicate to creating the life you desire
** You will have all the knowledge, skills and tools you need to be a professional healer and create a soul aligned business
** You will be deeply supported in becoming the healer and spiritual revolutionary you desire to be

Dates & Location:
***Course start date: September 15th (introductions, joining FB group etc.)
***Level 1 workshop: September 22nd- 24th 2018
***Level 2 workshop: 24- 26th November 2018
***Level 3 workshop: 2nd-4th March 2019
*** Course finishes June 30th 2019
*** location of in person workshops: Frankston/Langwarrin VIC (address to be confirmed)
*** All the remaining content delivered online

Early Bird *** PAY IN FULL: $3,800AUD (SAVE $700)

Early Bird*** Payment Plan: 18 x fortnightly payments of $216AUD

After August 18th*** PAY IN FULL: $4,500AUD

After August 18th*** Payment plan: 18 x fortnightly payments of $255AUD