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Ignite your heart and empower your mind during this workshop where you’ll learn quick tools to use in everyday life to process emotions, set intentions for what you REALLY desire, and spark a passion for being present and intentional regardless of circumstances. This workshop is for you if you seek to learn real life conscious skills, to grow in your relationships and to heal from within so life becomes an adventure where creation and expansion are a natural by-product.


Ignite assists you to feel empowered and supported to consciously face fear and live your life with intention. It is a simple and natural process that anyone can learn to use to create positive focus and change. Ignite is a lifeline that restores our power to soar through life. Creating optimal health, balance and purpose is everyone’s natural birthright.


Here’s what you can expect from Ignite YOUR Life:

  • Every Problem is a Portal to the next greatest version of yourself
  • The most effective way for creating an intention
  • A fun and simple exercise for reconnecting to the present moment and centering the mind, body and spirit
  • The See Feel Hear Process: A simple and quick way for processing reactive emotion
  • The Manifestation System – a 4 step process for manifesting a life you love to live
  • A powerful tool that in less than 15 minutes will enable you to shift and transform fear-based subconscious reactions (such as anger, fear, stress, pain, anxiety, fear, sadness) to love-based conscious actions (such as peace, content, fulfilment, happiness, positivity, hope, trust)
  • To observe symptoms of the body and stressors of life as a meaningful conversation to guide you to make intentional choices for emotional and physical health and growth
  • Basic Muscle Reflex Testing to enable you to communicate directly with the subconscious mind
  • The healing frequency of Infinite Love & Gratitude (a way of be-ing rather than do-ing)
  • Plus you will receive a detailed manual, Ignite Quick Steps and Session Sheet.
  • SPECIAL GRATITUDE GIFT – all students that participate in this workshop will receive the Ignite E-Learning course free (valued at USD$89).


Investment: $275 inc. GST

Pre-requisites: Nil – anyone can attend and everyone is welcome!

CPE: 8 hours