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Are you feeling:
Distracted and Scattered?
Physically worn down?
Annoyed by others around you?
Feeling stuck and frustrated?

Then come to Present Mindfulness Academy FREE workshop and learn how Mindfulness can help you deal with these difficulties.

On the night you will be introduced to Present Mindfulness Academy’s Co-Founders Amanda Spencer and Suzanne Marambio, who will lead you through some mindfulness practices, meditations, and scenarios of when and how you can use Mindfulness to improve your life.

You will experience how mindfulness meditations can bring peace and calm to the body and mind and learn how to start becoming aware of your stress.

This one hour introduction into Mindfulness class will de-stress and refresh you whilst also providing you with some useful tools to use once you leave the workshop. If you’re interested in gaining some valuable information on wellbeing and how to fit it into your life, then don’t miss out on this FREE event.

Space is limited. Please secure your seat by registering at http://eepurl.com/cRiZvX

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1079334185536897/?