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The Sentient Experiment is looking for Empaths and Hyper-Sensitives who would like to participate in a free, in person, group development workshop that will assist in understanding:

-How you receive and transmit the finer frequencies of personal and environmental data
-Why this can be overwhelming
-How to differentiate between you and an external stimulus

The aim of the experiment is to learn various techniques of managing your energy, increase awareness of sensitivity and adapt it to daily life as a benefit.

Participants must commit to the 3 hour workshop
Submit a daily observations sheet for 7 days following the workshop
On completion of the 7 days, all data is collated by The College of Intuition for further research into Higher Sensory Communication.

Would You Like to Participate?
Register at : www.thesentientexperiment.com.au

Once we have received your interest a questionnaire and details of the venue will be provided.

What Is An Empath / Hyper-Sensitive?

Empaths or Hyper-Sensitives are attuned to the finer frequencies of their environment and people. They live through sensory communication opposed to intellectual. The outcome leads to telepathically receiving physical/emotional or mental sensations that are not their own. This can lead to confusion and feeling overwhelmed by incoming information.