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• Have you been wondering about Essential Oils, gut health, meditation and mindfulness?
• Are you unsure where to start?
• Maybe you’ve read some articles online and are just getting more and more confused?

Come along to our Intro to Wellness afternoon!

For the price of one wellness session, you will hear from THREE local wellness experts!

Andrea Pearce is the founder of Realign Body Mind Soul and has been working in the health industry since 2013. She is passionate about the holistic approach to wellness & all things Essential Oils!! Andrea will introduce you to the benefits of doTERRA pure Essential Oils & how they can enhance your life. You will be offered the purest quality Essential Oils to smell, while learning how they can help to support your body and mind through trying times both physically and emotionally.

Courtney is the owner of Body in Sync Health in Carrum Downs. she has been working in the complementary health industry for 8 years as a remedial massage therapist and naturopath/nutritionist since 2014. Courtney’s mission is to empower and educate the community how to take control of their health using natural health alternatives including; western herbal medicine, nutrition, massage, aromatherapy and mindfulness. Courtney will be educating us about the importance and effects of food on our cognition, mood and brain health!

Teresa Ferreira is South-East Melbourne’s most relatable Personal Success Coach. She believes all women are innately brilliant and that the world will be a better place when they realise it. Teresa is passionate about helping others and aims to change the world by helping women discover their Passion and Purpose to lead to their own definition of success. Teresa will lead you through a short mindfulness meditation and share with you her own personal secrets so you can spark joy in your life.

On the afternoon you will receive:
• 3(!!) Wellness sessions
• A sample of delicious and nutritious brain foods (and the recipe to take home!)
• You will also take home a 5ml sample of doTERRA pure Essential Oils
• A relaxation meditation

When: October 27, 2018 at 1.30pm – 3.30pm
Where: The Garden Frankston: 4 Ross Smith Ave
Investment: $25.00 (plus booking fee $2.46)

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