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– Are you struggling to be happy with your body?

– Are you inconsistent with your eating and often find yourself over-eating, emotional eating, comfort eating or just not sticking to the healthy goal that you set for yourself? ​​

– Do you feel stuck and hopeless? Have you tried everything that you can think of to get out of this problem, whether it be seeking help from counsellors, nutrition education and support, attempting different diets, joining a gym or getting a personal trainer, reading books, doing online programs and nothing has seemed to work?

– Do you feel disappointed, embarrassed, guilty, sad, frustrated, stressed and out of control because of your struggle with food and your weight? ​

– Do you see the negative impact that this is having on your confidence, your self-worth, your health, your energy, your time, your relationships, your work, your enjoyment of life and your development? ​

– Do you want to experience change once and for all so that you can become the best version of yourself and have the life that you have often dreamed of?

– Are you not looking for more information. You’re looking for a proven system that works and you’re willing to follow it and get results?

Join us if you would like to begin your journey of loving and nurturuing the one body that you have been given and receiving the many benefits as a result!


The psychology of lasting motivation – how to become motivated and stay motivated so that you can achieve your best health and the best version of you, forever!

How to create a sustainable healthy lifestyle that helps you achieve your best YOU, and eat and exercise well, instead of the inconsistency of results and behaviours that you’ve had previously

How to really love yourself, be kind and treat yourself well and the impact this has on your health and body

How to meet the core needs that you have so that you won’t feel the need to eat emotionally anymore

How to uncover and remove limiting beliefs that are driving your emotional eating

How to be free from your self-sabotaging cycle and limiting beliefs / habits once and for all so that you can enjoy your best health, body, mind, relationships, work performance and truly love your whole life!


Miranda Marriott is the Founder of Pliable and Program Director of Love YOUR Body, a health program designed to help women break free from their self-sabotaging behaviours/limiting beleifs and learn to love themselves again.


Learn the 5 Steps to Loving YOUR Body so you can be free from insecurity, self-loathing, inconsistent health choices and results once and for all

Learn how the Love Your Body program can support you in your journey from self-sabotage to regaining control and loving yourself and your life again

| SECURE YOUR SEAT TODAY > CLICK THIS LINK – https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/5-steps-to-loving-your-body-tickets-45709086107

This Training Intensive is limited to 10 committed women.

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