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The founder of By The Bay Kinesiology, Denise Robinson is one of Melbourne’s leading Kinesiologists and accredited Kinesiology training providers. Denise has facilitated thousands of people to positively change their lives through Kinesiology sessionsKinesiology CoursesWellbeing Workshops and our Mentoring Program and Workshops.

Denise is passionate about being part of your journey to dissolve negative thought patterns, shift limiting beliefs, tackle addictions, wipe out sabotage programs and clear emotional stressors and physical symptoms including pain from your Mind, Body and Soul to give you more energy, vitality, positive thoughts, a ‘can do’ attitude, motivation and most importantly feeling free, happy, loved, worthy, light and confident to create and live the life you want to live!

Her goal is to inspire, motivate and empower her clients, students and people around her to reach their full potential in life.  She educates you on how your Mind, Body & Soul integrate and how your thoughts, feelings, attitudes, behaviours and emotions affect your entire being.  She inspires others with her mantra ‘feeling is healing’ in sessions (and in teaching kinesiology classes), while always encouraging client’s to allow themselves to ‘be in the moment’ and feel their pain, sadness, grief, past hurt, shame, guilt, fear or whatever emotion is present and supports you through this process while holding a loving space for healing to occur. She lives by the philosophy that ‘you need to feel it to heal it’ to enable the emotions and feelings to lift and shift so you can connect back to life in a positive way feeling lighter and freer in the heart.

In her accredited Kinesiology training courses Denise uses practical tools to empower and educate her students and make them fully understand all techniques and how to integrate the tools learnt into a clinic environment. She makes herself available to mentor her students and also offers an extensive in depth Kinesiologist 1:1 Mentoring Program and a Mind, Body, Soul Kinesiology Mentoring Workshop for kinesiology students, graduates and qualified kinesiologists.

Denise has just launched her new ‘Mind, Body, Soul Wellbeing Workshops Series‘, these workshops target stressors seen in everyday life – depression, no energy, anxiety, stress, sleep issues, headaches and difficulty connecting to our beautiful loving hearts – and are available for community members to connect, heal, learn and grow in an intimate small group healing environment.