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Day 9

Hello and welcome to Day 9 of E-VOL V. Today’s post has only one affiliate link: it’s for my email marketing lady Lauren who freelances on fiverr which I thought may be helpful for some of you 🙂

Starting from tomorrow we get to have some fun- fun- fun as we begin designing the products to sell as a way to make one million dollars in one year.

Before we get too far ahead though, let’s take a minute to revisit what our goals are…remembering that I am following Grant Cardone from Undercover Billionaire this year, as he shares helpful tips, tricks and resources– the first one I spoke about yesterday which was to write your goals down twice a day.

My Goals are:

1 x Customer sponsoring or advertising the entire story for $1 million Dollars


10 x Customers spending $100,000 by purchasing 12 entertainment products each


100 x Customers spending $10,000 by purchasing 52 services of our own


1,000 x Customers spending $1,000 each on 360 affiliate programs


10,000 x Customers spending $100 each on physical products


100,000 x Customers spending $10 each on digital products

Shoot Big…..Aim for the moon & if you miss you may still reach the stars.

Grant Cardone is all about setting big goals, and I agree with this too.

When I listened to the first talk in the facebook group, one of the key takeaways he shared was that when his team set goals, they don’t talk about the mechanics on how it’s going to happen, and I think this is really important to take note of….

They set goals without worrying about how they are going to come true.

Each time I set a goal, I choose what I am going to achieve first, and then worry about how I am going to achieve it second.

My goals for selling $6 million dollars worth of products are lofty and somewhat unrealistic to many people, however if I can only hit even just one 6th of this goal….I will still make my million dollar target.

In saying that, I’m also realistic, and it’s not just Grant Cardone who I am following this year….another internet Giant I have a lot of respect for is Gary Vee- and something he speaks about a lot which I also agree with is PATIENCE.

Yes, making one million dollars (or six million dollars) is a nice goal to want to achieve in one year, but I need to remember that I have made a decision to completely re-build my life from the ground up. I’m not looking for gimmicks.

I’m in it for the long haul.

That means that I know the very first thing on my list:

Finding ONE advertiser or sponsor of $1 million dollars for the story…. is going to be a really hard thing to do….

My social media presence is a mess,

my website at has very little content on it, is only completed up to card 4,

so the chance of me reaching out to a sponsor or an advertiser with nothing to give in return isn’t really going to get me very far, and it’s also not good business.

Business should be give and take relationship…. so until I have something to give in return to a sponsor or an advertiser, this first one million dollar goal is going to need to wait until a little later on in the journey.

That being said, seeing as I don’t have any work to do on the number 1 goal today:

I’m going to focus on something else

Getting a newsletter sign up onto this website.

So give me two seconds, I’ll spin something up and then come back and see how it looks.

Ok, so that was a lot harder than I thought…. and I’ll be honest here…I’ve been battling with email tech for about five years, so I’m not really surprised!

I did have some kind of success and thought I was doing ok when I got my signup form created with a link:

but then couldn’t figure out where to get the embed code for it… so I did a quick google which said hit CTRL+U which I did and then pasted the html into a wordpress gutenberg html block… did it work?


For the record, there is a mailchimp wordpress integration, but my form comes up looking like this one here and not like the pretty one I just shared:

and after spending nearly an hour on it, I’ve decided to just ask Lauren at fiverr to do it for me.. this is another thing Grant talks about too.

 You cannot do everything yourself.

grant cardone

I said it back on day 7 and am going to keep repeating it.

A very big factor in who is successful and why or why not, depends very much on the support you have around you.


How much (paid and unpaid) work you can outsource to someone else.


Bringing the right people (friends, family, work colleagues etc) into your team or immediate circle and recognizing the value they bring to your life,


Acknowledging that not everyone is going to be on the same page with your dreams, but it’s ok to seek out a group of people who are <on the same page as you>.

In my instance, that means in 2021 I have budgeted to outsource my email marketing to another Aussie Business woman- Lauren

For the record, this is the workflow I am asking her to set up at The Garden.

  1. Sitewide embedded form: sign up the newsletter and get a $10 voucher to spend in the shop
  2. Thank you for your sign up as promised here is your voucher (add tag- $10 voucher)
  3. Automatically add customer onto the Garden Newsletter
  4. If voucher not spent in 48 hours, send a reminder email

It’s really similar to the workflow we talk about in the workbook: Sales Funnels for Beginners,

sales funnels for beginners

but just the first part of the funnel at this stage.

Once I get the first email workflow correct, then I will move onto the next part.

I’m going to do some more work on the email newsletter in the next few day, so will keep you updated on how it goes.

Next up over the next few days:

I’m going to focus on the work I love

Creating the next book in the Know You & Love You Journaling Series.

I’ll see you tomorrow!

Much love xo

PS. If you would like to sign up to the email newsletter even though it’s not looking pretty yet, you can do so via the box below xo

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