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Day 8

Seeing as my challenge this year is all about making money, and Grant Cardone has a similar challenge, I thought he would be perfect to learn from, so I signed up for his free facebook group and have been going through his (very smooth) funnel ever since…all the whilst trying to figure out:

A: What is discovery channel (which is where the show is being premiered)


B: How do you watch Discovery Channel?

The answer it seems, is that it’s not on in Melbourne.

I kind of got a feeling it was on Foxtel, but when I went looking for it (on Foxtel) I couldn’t find it….so there’s my answer…I’m following a guy with a goal to make a million dollars in 90 days, yet I wont be able to watch the show- basically I’ll be deaf and blind and way behind everyone else who is doing the same challenge too….nonetheless….I am super excited!!

The 10x Planner

The first thing I did when making the decision to follow Grant’s journey, was look into some of the tools he uses himself.

He sells and swears by the 10x planner here, and again because I’m in Melbourne and couldn’t wait for shipping, I created my own version for myself on Canva, whilst at the same time adding to the things I am creating for sale in my own challenge too.

I’ll share some pics with you below, and if you would like the product for sale, you can find it in the shop by clicking on the link here or either one of the images below, but first let me tell you a little bit about each part.

So one of the things Grant does is writes down his goals twice a day.

On my planner, I only did it once, and yet I can say already it’s made a huge difference in keeping myself focused on what it is I am meant to be doing, so knowing that, the first page starts with goals and tasks and then moves into time blocks.

You’ll notice that the top right hand corner is blank and that’s because I have photo’s of my own dreams in there… children, my partner…my financial goals etc… and I love looking at these…it’s a really personal touch and reminds me that this year I am following my dreams not only for myself, but also for the people that I love and care for too! Seeing as I’m sure you want your own images in there, I left it blank- which is perfect for a mini polaroid or other such item,

On page 2… I carried across the time blocks- and once again left the spot on the top right for personal images. I also included my own blocks for the 2021 challenge I am doing, so you will see there is a space for the affiliate products I used in today’s article, alongside the products I created for sale (like this planner!!) and then I also made a block to make sure I track my family time and note down who it was with and what I was doing because I have 4 kids….and I need to make sure that they all get some time, and not just that, but I want to make sure I don’t neglect my friends and family this year either.

Lastly at the bottom of page 2, I made a space to write an email to go with my email marketing.

I’ve been really bad with email marketing over the years, but this time am paying someone from fiverr to help and I highly recommend Lauren if you are searching for help with email marketing too 🙂 Fiverr does all kinds of cool stuff and its not just cheap $5 stuff or overseas people….type what you need into the box and you’ll be amazed at all the different contractors on there!

In addition to my daily planner sheets, I also have some strategy squares which I use for everything

A networking page.

and here is something I also learned from Grant:

Contacts equal contracts”

Grant cardone

Which I find a little salesy for my liking, but in saying that, when you have something to offer someone and don’t go in empty handed, then I think it’s ok in a business situation, so long as you are not rude or obnoxious

I’m not sure if I will keep the layout like this over the course of the entire year- it’s the first time I’ve really networked other than my time with Kristina the Network Diva, so it may need to get changed, but it’s worked ok so far….I made my first 2021 network connection the other day when I reached out Melanie Spears from the Gratitude Diary and asked her if she would be interested in working with me to help me reach my goals this year (for which she said yes to doing a trial!) so I am going to say that the networking sheet is a good thing so far!

And lastly, I finished off the planner with some tracking sheets for the work I am doing.

One to keep track of digital products for sale

One for physical products for sale:

One for Services of your own for sale:

One for the services of other people

One for Entertainment products for sale

And lastly one for advertising

If you are interested in purchasing, you can download or check it out in the shop by clicking here.

Much Love

Nina xo

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