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Day 7

Hello and Welcome to One Mummy- One Million Dollars- One Year.

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Today we hit a pivotal moment- it’s Day 7 and if I was running to schedule (which I’m not my writing is getting further behind each day with today currently being the 5th January) Day 7 should be marked down as New Years Eve 2020.

For a while there I tinkered with skipping days posts, but it’s not true to form, so have decided to run with them in order and make sure each day is included. I’ve vowed that whatever date my story is on in New Years 2021, this will mark the end, so I really would like to catch it up, for no other reason, other than the documentation to be correct.


So here we are on Day 7. Living as a guest of the past as if it’s New Years Eve, yet I am gifted with a lens on the future because I’m 5 days ahead in knowledge….and some surprising stuff has happened between now and then.

Surprise number #1 was that back on the real day 7 of New Years Eve 2020, my past self loved the story of One Mummy- One Million Dollars- One Year. I was happy to write it again, and really looking forward to it.

Surprise number #2 – is that today my future day 7 self at January 5th 2021 , woke up, looked at my phone with the wallpaper on it, and realised I didn’t like the title of my story any more at all….in making the decision to Birth A Dream Life and follow my Law of Attraction Future Journaling, I sat staring at my phone and realised I was creating conflict.

The story title of One Mummy- One Million Dollars- One Year- no longer reflected who I was….who I wanted to be…the dreams I had…or the vision I was striving for.

Not only that, but I have written this story every year for many years….it plays out on repeat….and that is also not what I want my dream life to be…..a constant replay of the past, trying to get my life “right” in order to move forward.

I also needed to acknowledge that one of the things I often fight to overcome is poverty and inequality, and me making the decision to strike out on my own into the middle of a desert, identifying myself as one mother rather than one woman, was an interesting choice of word use I really need to come face to face with.

If I could only choose one word to identify myself…..would it be mother?

Or would it be “woman?”

What had I learned about myself since writing and reliving this story?

Was it that I am neither mother or woman?

That I am nothing and no-one?

And what did I learn all these years about being on my own? Struggling and fighting to make it through day by day? When was I most happy? When did I achieve the most? What was the moral at the end of each years story….how did I get where I am today? Where do I want to be tomorrow and who do I want to be with when I get there?

I decided that although I didn’t know the answers to everything, I did know one thing.

My story title and cover image needed to change.

I played with this one for a while…

Asking myself did I want to stare at it 10 times or even 100 times a day as my phone wallpaper…. before deciding no.

I then played with this one… thinking about it all day long.

Asking myself the following question:

If I only have one photo and one word to define success,

-knowing that everyone has a different view-

what one image and word would I choose to sum up who I am, what I stand for, what I value, where my future is headed and the things that are driving me forward?

And so I chose the above and the reasons are as follows:

When I think back over the course of my life and I Look at poverty and inequality without flinching, I see a woman who is isolated and alone, or surrounded with toxicity from people in her life she doesn’t necessarily choose for herself.

When I think of success and prosperity with a healthy mind, body and soul, I see a community of people who choose to stand together to fight, help, support, love, strengthen, nurture, love and empower.

With financial wealth, this is easy to do. We simply pay the right people to be in our lives, and if we pay them well and treat them well they are usually loyal.

With poverty however, its hard to get this kind of support.

It’s hard to make friends at a higher level when you are on the bottom rung.

It’s hard to cultivate love and joy when you are surrounded in darkness and misery.

It’s hard to get help if you can’t afford it, and your friends and family are in similar situations with their own health and financial issues too.

The beauty with life however is that every day we have another opportunity to evolve and grow and as we do this, we get to choose the people who come in and out of our life….who we give our time and attention to…. we don’t always have to take what we were born with…sometimes our friends become family….strangers become lovers….work colleagues become trusted confidants.

Although often it can seem like we are alone.

When we stop.

And look around.

We can see that there is usually someone there holding our hand….or there is another hand, or another family member or work colleague… who is there for us holding the other persons hand to allow us to stand where we are….whether they have been part of our life for 5 minutes, 5 years or even 50 years…and so I decided it was LOVE that I was here to live my souls truth for…LOVE that I was EVOLVING for, LOVE that I was striving for…

And so it was,

that on Day 7- New Years Eve 2020….

The story of One Mummy- One Million Dollars- One Year, finally came to a close once and for all.

And from New Years Day 2021-

A New Story wass born.


Also known as


Also known as

E Volume 5…

also know as 5th Love

Also known as LOVE- V.

Happy New Years Eve to you.

I hope 2021 brings you everything you ever dreamed of.



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