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Day 4 * 100 x Customers Spending $10,000 Dollars A Year Each = A Million Dollar Business

Day 4 * 100 x Customers Spending $10,000 Dollars A Year Each = A Million Dollar Business

Welcome to Day 4 of One Mummy- One Million Dollars- One Year.

Time goes by quickly when there is a goal to reach…normally 365 days feels like an awful long time, however today as I note there are only 361 days left of this challenge, I realise how little time I have.

In the last few days the goal has been to explore how to make money online and the main emphasis has been on two subjects.

Number #1 is The theory of 1,000 True Fans

and number #2 has been understanding the 6 things to sell online

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In previous years I’ve written this story,

I've spent lots of time teaching and explaining how and why things work- only to fall flat on my face with making money- which is funny because the story is designed to teach how to make money online, and yet I never make any money!! Click To Tweet

…nonetheless, this year is an unusual year.

Covid wreaked havoc worldwide, and like most people,

I find myself wondering what skills, knowledge or insight I have that can help people (including myself!) recover and move forward. Click To Tweet

It’s not just covid that has been a big eye opener for me though– my time in The Prosperity Project finally came full circle and I completed my self taught apprenticeship on the art of self love and came face to face with my own value compass being broken.

2020 has brought some surprising changes in my life- the most prominent being before I can help anyone else (whether that's through teaching, writing, or motherhood etc.) first I need to help myself. Click To Tweet

When I started out on this journey years ago, I was in a mostly healthy state, but

…devoting oneself to unpaid labour and living in somewhat poverty is contrary to what the world would have you believe as a surefire way to heaven. Living in poverty, even if in a life of servitude- is NOT healthy for anyone. Click To Tweet

The harsh reality is that we DO need housing and power and school fees and transportation, and although we can opt-out of these things consciously, it takes time and planning to do so effectively.

The other thing I learned after completing The Prosperity Project is that money and power is nothing but a tool.

Money is not evil.

Power is not evil.

Marketing is not evil.

Data is not evil.

What has the potential for evil though is the intent or the emotion behind what we do with these tools, and I hope by the time I get to day 365 of this story, I communicate that clearly.

Making money is NOT bad and capitalism is NOT bad either. If we the people, awoke to our our morals and sentiments, then capitalism would work fine. Click To Tweet

The problem that has occurred I believe is because the beast (capitalism) has gotten control of the master (the consumers) however, the good news is I believe we can change this instantly and effectively, simply by using our purchasing power to bring the rights of the people back into balance.

Anyway. enough of my ranting…

Today, my task is to continue on making the worksheets for my new book.

Although what I am doing is a big no-no (creating massive amounts of products without market validation first) I need to explain my reasoning behind it first which is twofold.

#1 is that the products I am making I need myself.

It’s how most of my stuff gets designed.

I struggle with something, and then make a solution to help me overcome the problem.

#2 is what I am teaching you with my 1,000 true fan theory.

Although my story only runs for 365 days, I’m committed to living my life as writer as my paid profession.

Yes. I know I have all of these untested products. But ultimately I need to use them myself, and in addition to this- with over 7.8 billion people in this world, I’m 100% positive that between now and the end of my career, that I can manage to find myself 1,000 true fans out of 7.8 billion!!

Now lets get to making some more worksheets so that I can get this book printed and begin using it myself by mid January and start figuring out a way to make this money and get back on my feet.

So where were we?

Lets, see…

On Day 2- we looked at the #1 way to make money.

We had one customer and one product for sale for one million dollars, and created a series of worksheets around this.

Then on Day 3, we delved into the 1,000 true fan theory, but this time chose 10 true fans.

The goal here was to see if we could find 10 true fans out 7.8 billion people and offer to solve their problems and be paid $100,000 to do so.

I chose to sell 12 products at $8,333 each to 10 customers (Still today I am scratching my head wondering how I can pull this one off!), knowing that each of those 10 customers spending $100k each over the course of one year would hit the one million dollar target I was aiming for.

one thousand true fans worksheets

Now today, let’s once again expand on this true fan theory.

On day 2 we designed for 1 super fan to spend one million dollars.

On day 3 we designed for 10 die hard fans to spend $100,000 each.

Now today on day 4, lets design for 100 committed fans to spend $10,000 each

and then we will finish this book with

Day 5 designing for 1,000 true fans spending $1,000 each

Day 6 designing for 10,000 fans spending $100 each

and then lucky last we will have 100,000 fans spending $10 each

When we break down our goal like this, we can see that there are many ways we could make $1million dollars.

We could do it with only one super fan spending $1million dollars

Or we could do it with 100,000 fans only spending $10.

The decision you choose will come down to understanding journey mapping, the goal you want to achieve, your budget and knowledge to implement your plan and of course, the demographics and problems or desires of your ideal customer.

As a side note, if you wanted to go for all 6 categories which is what we will aim for in 2021, you would need a customer base of:

111,111 fans

and the turn over figure would be: $6 million.

So let’s have a look at these worksheets.

Today, I’ve made them pink.

So the interesting thing about the task I set today is the number of products- which I chose to be 52.

This is high level journey mapping, when you are asking someone to have the emotion and empathy to commit to this.

Up until this point, other than myself, I have never taught anyone how to journey map past 36 touchpoints.

52 is a big ask, and I recognise this, however I also know from experience that it is difficult growth which causes massive transformation.

I’m showing multiple ways with this first series of worksheets to be able to generate $1million dollars. You 100% do NOT need to make 52 products….not at all. If I wasn’t performing this task for One Mummy- One Million Dollars- One Year- in all categories I would choose the top one- sell one product for a mill or $100k or $10k etc….this is the easiest.

But I’m not here to do things easy this year……

I’m here to follow my dreams and birth a dream life 🙂

If you would like to purchase todays worksheets, you can find them in the shop.

After my experience yesterday designing them for 12 products and ending up with an 84 page PDF, I changed tactics again today and went back to what I did on Day #1.

I created the master template for selling one product, giving you the opportunity to print it out as many times as you like depending on the amount of products you are selling to hit your target.

Sell one product for $10,000- then only print once.

Sell 12 products to reach $10,000- then print 12 times.

If you are following along with what I am doing- today I’ll be turning these worksheets into a book for 52 products- if you were printing this file at officeworks or at home, then you would need to print 52 times to build-your-own-book.

I think this is a much better way rather than giving you hundreds of worksheets, but as always, I’m here to help you, so if you have any feedback, please leave me a comment below.


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