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Day 11

Welcome to the story of E-VOL V, previously One Mummy- One Million Dollars- One Year.

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Yesterday at Day 10, I whipped up a very basic journey map and finished the days post asking readers two questions.

Question number 1 was:

where could we find 100,000 people who would be interested in a digital product for sale for $10

and question number 2 was:

If a customer purchases the digital book

“How do people make money online?”

and then chooses to move from one journey stop to the next on our map-

what would the next product for sale be?

This next stop on the journey- or the second product we map for sale, is what we call card #2 in The Journey of 1,000 Steps.

It’s represented with the card of The Unreliable Narrator, and for good reason too, because it’s at this card here, we see who has the knowledge to take their customer all the way through an entire journey.

At card two, most times in the beginning– BOTH the customer and seller are wrong in their solution to solving the customers “real problem” for the simple reason that the customer themselves won’t actually know what the “real problem” is either.

If you are the teacher, the guide, the mentor or the seller at this part of the journey and don’t know the full journey, it can drive you bonkers and make you incredibly frustrated as you give information to people to help them solve their problem, only to watch time and time again as they don’t implement your advice or flounder, fail or simply give up and walk away.

The other problems that can occur is like what happened in my own journey, and that is although you may *think* you know the answer to the customers problem- once you tell them- it causes fallout for you- the business owner.

This was very plain to see in my own business at The Garden.

When I brought The Garden I had already been volunteering out of there for some time prior. Although I *thought* I could help The Garden and our clientele grow- in fact i did quite the opposite and destroyed everything.

Why was that?

I had researched my customer, and thought I had a viable solution, so what went wrong?

in hindsight, my answer is because I was trying to solve the customers problem at card #2, rather than at card #36.

Me walking into a business that focuses on mind and body wholistic therapies and sharing marketing techniques and strategies was a terrible product/audience fit.

Even if it was the right solution- it was the wrong approach.

Rather than talking to our customers at The Garden in a language they already knew and understand (Law of Attraction and magnetically attracting what you want with thoughts and desires ) instead I was using the language and techniques I knew and understood- which was teaching sales and marketing.

In addition to delivering the wrong information at the wrong time to customers at card two, it can also be the card where you hear the likes of Tony Robbins or someone else in the self development space deliver harsh truths to people who have no idea why they can’t achieve goals and keep reliving their life out on repeat (yes, that one is me!!) and that’s because most times when things are going wrong, there are other forces outside of the student/prospects/ customers control.

In the past we represented this card in volume #1 with the David Bowie song The Man Who Sold The World-

& in version 3 as we explored the Jungian archetypes it was represented with the old sage,

in volume 4 the Unreliable Narrator was done with the wealthy mermaid….

and for the story of E-VOL V can you guess what the card is? Because if you can figure out the card, then there is a high chance you will also know what product to create which will solve the customers problem and help them progress from card #2 onto card #3, #4 and #5

I’ll give you a hint…..


This year as we move through cards 1, 2, and 3 we have a very different perspective than previous years.

In volume one- the story related to media studies and manipulation

In volume two- we learned strategy and content marketing

In volume three- we explored creativity and storytelling

In volume four- it was mind, body, and business connection

And now in volume five we put everything together from previous years and look at the final piece of the jigsaw- Our SELF.

This year with the task of making one million dollars in one year- we are blessed with having experience to draw from

but even though the cards are miles apart, the symbolism means the same…..the person who holds card 2- usually has a completely different answer to solving the problem on the journey map, than what anyone else can imagine what it will be…

why is that?

We’re in a pickle today.

We are nearly three weeks into making money, and haven’t made a dollar, and a decision needs to be made.

Do we invest in ourselves?


Do we invest in someone else?

Grant Cardone says to ask the question:

WHO HAS MY MONEY? that it’s partnership we are looking for here….not flying solo.

This makes me wary…..super duper wary….because this is how abuse works…and it’s also how co-dependency works….whether that’s in business or relationships.

If you don’t take anything from anyone, anywhere or any time, it makes life hard….and near impossible to succeed…..but it also makes you strong…and it gives you power, because when you do choose to have people in your life, there is a clear boundary.

You are my friend or lover because I love you. Not because I want something from you.

Whereas business relationships are exactly the opposite.

The people who are in business with you do so because they want something that you have.

Today (like every other year) I need to make a choice.

I either take Grant’s advice and go find myself a business partner who is already established and may want a slice of what I am building and hit my target of one million dollars in one year…


I continue to invest my own money into my business….knowing that after covid wiped me out, I wont make it too far on my own before once again running out of money and resources.

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