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Day 10

Hello and and welcome to E-VOL V. Things are getting more and more difficult each day as I write and keep track of how my thoughts are working in addition to what I am writing and publishing.

Part of me wants to slow down and do things differently, yet the other part of me is committed to practicing in public so my mistakes can be discussed in order that I may grow.

Today we begin working on the mechanics on how to make one million dollars online, and in my instance, the niche I have chosen for myself is:

Knowledge Transfer

If I am choosing to re-design and re-birth my life in true alignment–then as a mother of 4 children, I want to devote my life to sharing knowledge.

The future belongs to our children, and even though they have knowledge at their fingertips like never before, I want to make sure that they get the wisdom that comes from experience too.

This year, I am going to transfer my knowledge using a sales funnel technique + the 6 things for sale + the 1,000 true fan theory + my own Journey of 1,000 Steps Knowledge Transfer Plan which I will talk about a little more as time goes on.

If you are brand new to sales funnels and have no idea what I’m talking about, you can find the PDF- Sales Funnel’s for Beginners, as part of the Build-Your-Own Book Series, or by clicking on the image below.

For the rest of us, let’s go back a few days and look at the funnel I’ve set up so far.

You’ll see in hindsight once I put everything into place, that I could have done this a heck of a lot better * IF * I had of Journey mapped everything out first.

But I didn’t…. so the question today is do you think we should keep it the way it is or swap it over?

For me?

I’m going to keep it the way it is, simply because the story is live.

So…looking at the very tiny tip at the bottom of the funnel, we can see the goal at the bottom part of the funnel is to make one million dollars by getting a single advertiser or sponsor to the story and the website.

Yesterday, I acknowledged that my chances of selling my story on day 9 or 10 to an advertiser or sponsor without much to show for it– is going to be highly unlikely.

It doesn’t mean it’s not on my radar…it is.

And in addition to Invest Frankston/Frankston Council I’m also drawing up a list of other prospective sponsors too…but for now I don’t have any social proof other than a failed business, and a trainwreck scattering of online bits and pieces to really support my cause.

So that leaves us with choosing to start working through the other 5 parts on the funnel.

If we label the funnel from the top down- so the wide bit at the top is number 1, and the tiny bit at the bottom is number 6, *and* you’ve been following the previous days posts too…. then you will also realise that 2 of these parts in the funnel I’ve already started working on.

  • Part 1 x with the digital products for sale.
  • and also part 3 of the funnel with the affiliate products for sale.

Although I really can’t be bothered journey mapping this, if I don’t I’m not only going to regret it, but it’s also conflicting as I’m not doing what I’m teaching.

Arrrgghhhh! This is going to take forever.

Ok….how can I do this quickly and explain it at the same time???

Let’s start with the top of our funnel and work our way down….

For the top part of our funnel, we know that the target here is that I need to find 100,000 customers, who have a problem that they are prepared to pay $10 to solve.

The first question we want to ask ourselves is:

What identical problem would 100,000 people have AND be willing to pay $10 for a solution ?

The answer I chose for this story?

It’s how to make money online.

With rampant job loss and business closures, and the shift from offline to online, I’m going to wager, that this is something many people are interested in.

Knowing that, a quick journey map sketch looks something like this:

In The Journey of 1,000 Steps, we label this as card 1- The Journey.

It’s when the customer makes a decision to acknowledge they have a problem and make a decision to fix it.

Most times, a customer goes looking for a solution to their problem, they think this is the end of the journey, when in fact it is actually the beginning….. let’s look at what goes *under* this journey map…

In the following image, you can see where I have created a solution…. it’s the workbook:

How do people make money working from home.

It’s this part of the journey map, that shows up the product we need to make, along with the beginnings of our customer psychographics and demographics.

It’s also where we see we have a problem.

It seems our customer may not have been telling the truth.

We’ve just offered to solve our customers problem by telling them how to make money online (sell something to someone willing to pay money for it), and yet chances are they already knew this….however what they may not have realised is how important it is to have multiple streams of income.

What they also don’t know is that to sell online also means there is a lot of cause and effect that is going to occur which most probably have never considered...and there are also a lot of people and products that they will need to use to minimise solopreneur failure and burnout and replace it with an increased chance of success.

If we were new to selling online, it would be easy to think that at this level we have solved the customer’s problem and hit our financial target.

Depending on what your own goals are, this may or may not work for you.

In my instance, I’m going to make an educated guess that my customer needs more knowledge, but still isn’t yet willing to pay for $1,000 per hour coaching.

That means I need to create a lot more content to help her navigate the next part of her journey.

For now though?

This task actually has been solved….I solved it back in 2016 and the knowledge hasn’t really changed since- I still would give the same advice I gave back then as what I would today.

That means in theory, this top product in the sales funnel is created.

We may have created the product to solve the problem, but the next question is, how do you get it into the hands of 100,000 customers?

Not only that, but what happens after they read it, and realise they need a lot more in order to make their dreams of making more money come true?

If you are new to journey mapping, take a moment to think about what product you think my customer would need next and then tomorrow I’ll share my answer with you…which I think you may find surprising!

Have a lovely night-

Much love

Nina xo

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