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What’s the difference between an Artist and a Businessman or Business Woman?

What's the difference between an Artist and a Businessman or Business Woman

What’s the difference between an Artist and a Businessman or Business Woman?

Mum’s point of view?

I determine an artist as someone who devotes time to creating something– regardless of whether they get paid for it or not.

The artist creates something and adds it to their portfolio- regardless of whether they have a buyer for it today, tomorrow or years into the future.

A businessman or a businesswoman creates art with an intent of profit.

If there is no demand- they won’t spend the time and effort into crafting it.

When choosing to follow your passion, I would ask you:

Do you want to do what you love and create a portfolio of work- even if no one buys it? If that’s so then you will need to get a job on the side as you practice your art and get a following.

If you only want to create work if you get paid for it- then it would help to learn marketing and how to use data, to know what people are looking for or are interested in purchasing in the economy or the marketplace.

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Wholistic Digital Education- What does that even mean?

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#wholisticdigitaleducation ❤️ what does that even mean? ❤️ for me- it means being able to look at #digitalmarketing and #digitaleducation as one whole complete #experience ❤️ Many #marketingstrategy and #marketingtips are happy to share how to create #sales and #funnels and #facebookadstips and everything else connected to our industry but what many of us are failing to do is talk about the effects of what we do as a whole❤️ some of those things are #psychology#subliminalmessages with #colours#images and much more. ❤️ #wholisticdigitaleducation for my business at #thegardenfrankston means saying #hereyougo❤️ marketing is not good and marketing is not bad— instead marketing is simply a tool and it’s how we use it that makes the difference to not only our #business but also our communities too❤️ if you want to know more about #contentcreation or #contentstrategy and #contentmarketing here is what I know. ❤️ #grab a book📘 #read some blog posts ❤️ and if I can help you in anyway, then please feel free to reach out ❤️ #frankston#morningtonpeninsula#mounteliza#mteliza ❤️1d