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Step 106- The Prosperity Project Journey of 1,000 Steps

Step 106

The Fabler

A 30 Step Module on Goal Setting

Hello and welcome to Step 106

This month we explore time mindsets, goal setting and walking as a way to build healthy habits.

The Prosperity Project Journey of 1,000 Steps

Hello Community!

Welcome to Step 106 of The Prosperity Project Journey of 1000 Steps.

The Apprentice Journey began on New Years Day 2020.

Each day we will be completing 3 actions for our Mind, Body & Business Leadership Journey.

Please feel free to follow along or be inspired to create your own journey of leadership and positive change.

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The final card in The journey of 1,000 Steps is when you are ready to move from independence to interdependence. A place and time where you’re strong enough to give back, and hold your own in a community without compromising your identity.

You Know Who You Are and You Don’t Make Any Apologies  

I love and accept myself right now in this very moment.

I am enough and will always be enough.

I am perfect as I am.

Not everybody is going to understand us and that’s okay.  We aren’t here to be understood by everyone, we are here to understand ourselves and our place in this world. 

When we know who we are and don’t make apologies, we are set free from the self- doubt and self- hate and step into the self- love, self- worth and self- value. 

We no longer rely on others to make us feel good or are affected by what they say or think, because we now understand our true identity is an extension of Source energy.