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Brodie is a Qualified Western Herbal Medicine Practitioner, graduating from Australian Institute of Applied Science in 2016. Herbs have been her passion from a young age and working with herbs gives her a great sense of purpose and pleasure; and brings this enthusiasm with her into her practice.

Brodie sees Herbal Medicine as creating change from within, by supporting our bodies innate healing ability. Her field of expertise is Childhood development, Chronic Pain and Mental health.

When you have a consult with Brodie, you will sit down over a cup of herbal tea and a tailored treatment plan along with a herbal prescription is created to support your bodies overall health and vitality.

Diagnostic tools of Iridology, pulse and tongue analysis are included in initial consults, which give Brodie a well-rounded understanding of your needs.

Give Brodie a call on 0421635569 for a free 10 minute health chat to discuss how herbal medicine can support you or your loved ones or book a consult