Pre & Post Natal Services
with Sim Power

with Sim Power

Simone believes that everyone has the ability within themselves, to access the tools needed to find that fresh start & guides you through the process of using your inner strength to make these changes.

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Hypnotherapy, Meditation,
Matrix Therapies & NLP
James Round

with James Cole

Jame’s modalities include Life Coaching, NLP, Hypnosis & Advanced Matrix Therapies®, which he uses to help people to release emotions, traumas and negative experiences and build a sense of personal empowerment.

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Kundalini Yoga

with Paul Fry

Paul practised various forms of yoga for many years & after discovering Kundalini, trained as a teacher in 2009. He also contributes to the Kundalini Yoga community by providing gong sessions at events throughout Australia.

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Trauma Counselling
& Insight Sessions
Bev new profile pic

with Bev McInnes

Bev is passionate about working with individuals and families in the area of Trauma Counselling, specializing in Sexual, Emotional and Physical Abuse. Bev provides a safe place to express yourself, gain insight & create a positive future.

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TFT & B.E.S.T. Therapy
Training Courses
jo p

with Jo Pascoe

Jo has developed a blend of cutting-edge therapies to create a unique system that she now teaches to health practitioners, assisting them to increase their ability to help clients heal emotionally and physically.

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Numerology Consults
& Coaching Club

with Michele Scott

Discover your life purpose, recurring challenges, ideal career, you-nique talents, hidden passion, heart’s desire, opportunities & important cycles in life, plus your true personality; what inspires, motivates and drives you. Curious?

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Book a
Strategy Session
jo round (1)

with Jo Schutt

Jo is a co-founder of The Garden and has been working with business owners for the last 8 years to help them see see the bigger picture, gain clarity and focus on what’s important when it comes to achieving business and life goals.

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Strategy Session
em round

with Emily Jones

Emily is the co-founder of The Garden and has achieved many exciting things during her years in business. Emily uses the knowledge and skills she’s gained to assist other entrepreneurs who would like to grow their business.

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Business Planning 
& Finance Management
sarah hudson

with Sarah Hudson

Sarah’s in depth knowledge of system implementation, financial management and leadership have made her the ‘go to’ person in the community when it comes to getting business advice.

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Business Planning
& Coaching
joe (1)

with Joe Benson

Whether you are starting a small business, seeking finance, applying for a government grant or just planning for the future, a  business plan is an essential ingredient for the success of your business.

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Coaching &
Creatrix Practitioner
Deb Raca profile pic

with Debra Raca

Deb is a highly experienced mindset and transformation coach who offers a unique approach to help you navigate life challenges, be it emotional blockages, limiting beliefs, money, passion, potential, courage, heart or just helping you explore new ways of thinking, communicating and being.

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Relationship &
Mindset Coaching

with Phil Pollard

Phil is a relationship and mindset coach, who knows what it takes for people excel and achieve their goals in every area of life. He understands what makes individuals, couples and businesses excel & win in the area of relationships.

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Herbal Medicine

with Brodie Hearnden

Brodie sees Herbal Medicine as creating change from within, by supporting our body’s innate healing ability. Her fields of expertise are Childhood development, Chronic Pain and Mental Health.

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Indulgent Nights

with Vicky Gardner

Vicky gives people the skills and understanding they need to consciously choose and craft the life they desire, so that they can move forward and create change with confidence, courage and loving support.

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Intuitive & Spiritual
ben & kim round

with Ben & Kim Sowter

Ben & Kim are the founders of The College of Intuition, which aims to bridge the gap between science, medicine and the world beyond the physical by creating an understanding of the interconnection between body, mind and soul.

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with Amanda Spencer and Suzanne Marambio

Present Mindfulness Academy are committed to inspiring and educating the community to develop social & emotional intelligence through better self –awareness and emotional regulation for responsible decision making.

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Training Courses
denise round

with Denise Robinson

Join one of Melbourne’s leading Kinesiology course training providers, By The Bay Kinesiology for an array of empowering and fulfilling accredited kinesiology courses!

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Play Therapy,
Tapping & Reiki
jo harris round profile

with Jo Harris

Jo’s expertise as a Play Therapist, Tapping & Reiki practitioner & over 20 years of experience as a Pre-school teacher give her the unique ability to connect with children and help them identify the cause and effect of their troubles.

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& Nutrition
Ruth circle

with Ruth Green

Ruth’s aim is to help you gain the knowledge to form healthy habits and live well, with an emphasis on nutritional and lifestyle based solutions to restore and maintain wellbeing.

Ruth is currently on maternity leave and will be returning to The Garden in December 2018

Bowen Therapy
& Pellowah Healing
kerrie (1)

with Kerrie Atley

Kerrie’s purpose & passion is to help people be the best they can be, gain a clear understanding of their blockages & support them physically, emotionally & spiritually.

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