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The College of Intuition was created by clairvoyant/medium, Kim Sowter and Sound Healer/ Medium, Ben Sowter as an educational and training platform. The main aim of the college is to promote and demonstrate the power of the human being beyond physical limitation.

Both Kim and Ben have researched, witnessed and participated in countless hours of looking into life from a higher perspective. Some may say an alternate reality or supernatural undertaking however in modern society such occurrences are becoming common. Such happenings as synchronicity as seen by patterns in numbers i.e the 11.11 phenomena signify that many are ready to explore their individual ability. Intuition is the link between the physical world of intellect and rationality and that of a higher knowing.

The College of Intuition offers down to earth training and expert knowledge with all aspects of personal growth, intuitive development and spiritual connection. Individuals learn to balance the intuitive senses and apply the benefits with modern day living.

The College will provide the missing education that traditional educational schools did not provide.

“We were taught about a physical anatomy at school but we were never taught that there is a dual system that encompasses all beings. A light vibration of energy that forms the energetic anatomy. It is here that the imprint of our physical health, thoughts, emotions and creation exists and it is in this space that we can create, heal and project what then becomes our physical reality. All life consists of an energy anatomy or aura. This is the missing link that can bring peace, understanding and the ability to create what we need in life.

Connected to the energy anatomy is a constant stream of help. Access to guidance and direct answers to all our earthly concerns. We are powerful beyond measure and now more than ever there is a need for individuals to connect to their own source of infinite knowledge”. B and K Sowter.

The College of Intuition can provide individual guidance, training and mentoring. Seminars, group experiments, Speaking engagements remain ongoing. To find out more follow this page for updates or go to the website