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The Present Mindfulness Academy has been created by Amanda Spencer and Suzanne Marambio, two mothers who noticed that some very important life skills were missing from their lives. They came to realize that their parents and the education system failed to provide them with the mindful tools of self awareness, self management and emotional regulation.

They understand the importance of these skills and want to improve the mental wellbeing of their communities by implementing interactive programs for kids, parents, teachers and the general community.

Both Amanda and Suzanne have completed Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) programs and are trained facilitators of the Mindful Schools Curriculum through Mindful Schools, Educator Essentials course.

Some of the benefits that the community will receive by enrolling in PM Academy programs are:

• Decreases stress and anxiety

• Improves clarity and attention

• Increased compassion and understanding

• A deeper sense of awareness


At Present Mindfulness Academy we are committed to inspiring and educating the community to develop as professional human beings that are socially & emotionally intelligent by developing better self –awareness and emotional regulation for responsible decision making.


Let us help you break the cycle of being out of control! Share the Gift of Mindfulness – Be Present!