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In 2021 as I tallied up the cost of covid- I made the decision to once again write and share the story of One Mummy- One Million Dollars- One Year.

This story has been written many times over the years, and has focused on the different “costs” “price” and “value” that come with writing a story of such diversity.

In previous years it has been written as a way to discuss how to make money

Each time the story has been written, it has never * not once * ever reached the intended goal of it’s cover title of making one million dollars in one year, and in fact, most years has never even made $1 or any financial money at all.

This year however as my family, and many families all around the world struggle with rebuilding our lives post covid, I wanted to write it again, not just to make money (even though my family like many others needs money right now) but also to “lift the veil” and show that in theory making money isn’t difficult….it’s simply solving people’s problems or desires and getting paid to do so.

Which begs the question to answer then….

If making money is so easy to do, well why is half the world – including myself- struggling? Click To Tweet

My reasons are wide and varied….some of which are within my control and some of which I have zero control over, but for this years story and the time and family restraints I have, I don’t want to focus on anything other than the actual story of how to make money online.

So, let’s quickly discuss them.

Making money online is not a difficult topic to grasp but what people find surprising, is that there are *at least* 6 main ways money can be generated from a single website.

They are:

  • Selling physical goods
  • Selling digital goods
  • Selling a service of your own
  • Selling a product or service of someone else’s
  • Selling advertising and
  • Selling entertainment.

Most people are confident in selling most of the things I mentioned above, but something which is often confusing is affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is when the website owner or social media influencer etc gets a percentage of the sale, from something that you’ve bought within a certain time-frame.

In simple terms, if you click on a link to buy something on this site, and I have used an affiliate link, then I will receive a commission on the product purchased.

Using affiliate links does not mean the site is brand endorsed, it is up to the website owner (myself) to pick and choose the products I want to support.

In the story of 1M1M1Y- we use our knowledge of the 6 products for sale as the framework for the entire story.

The story of One Mummy- One Million Dollars- One Year- sets up right from the get go, telling the audience how I plan on making one million dollars, and then the rest of the story focuses on seeing whether or not it is possible to do what I set out to do.

With a combination of mathematically looking at different ways to make money, paired with a sales funnel strategy and our knowledge of the 6 things we can offer for sale, the story set up in a visual and written way looks something like this:

Day 2- Sell to one customer for $1 million dollars

Day 3- Sell to 10 x customers for $1 million dollars

Day 4- Sell to 100 customer for $1 million dollars

Day 5- Sell to 1,000 customer for $1 million dollars

Day 6 -Sell to 10,000 customer for $1 million dollars

Day 7- Sell to 100,00 customer for $1 million dollars

Looking at the infographic above and the corresponding blog posts, we see that on day 5, I introduce affiliate marketing at the space of the 1,000 customers (true fans) each spending $1,000 each. We can also see that I am looking for 360 affiliate products to add into the story this year, and over time as the story grows, so too will the list of affiliate products grow.

A Clear and Transparent Disclosure:

In full transparency please find a list of some of the affiliate links I have used in the story to date.

I’ll try to remember to update them as I go along, but please respect the fact that this story is a massive undertaking to write and I’m a single mama with 4 kids, and I’m not going to be able to stay on top of everything as I juggle writing, child rearing and my every day other duties.

To save any confusion, please presume that all links on this site that redirect for purchase are affiliate links, but know that I only link products that I am happy to stand behind and support. Click To Tweet

When you start to become familiar with my work you will see that the brands I love are entwined in my writing.  They may be authors whose work I love, bloggers who I have learned from myself, they may be Australian owned companies, or who I use for my website hosting and wordpress themes.

In 2021, my goal was to map 360 products around a single niche- my chosen niche being Australian made to help my economy get back on it’s feet….but you will see that it’s not always possible to do.

Sometimes I DO recommend brands and authors and businesses who aren’t Aussies, but who I DO believe have the right product or service or fit for my readers, and because this is an educational story, I want to make sure these people are given the recognition they deserve, regardless of where they are from, or whether they are male or female, rich or poor.

In saying that- at a later date, I will be creating a site for my Aussie made favourites, but it won’t be happening until much later on in the story…anyway…. for now…please find the current and ongoing list of affiliate links used within the story.

Drumroll please…..

  1. The Gratitude Diary- Amanda gifted me one of these in 2020 and I loved it so much, I purchased my own for 2021. Being a lover of astrology and living my life in sync with the cycles of the moon and the stars whilst also balancing my Christian faith isn’t an easy feat, yet this gorgeous little diary makes it a lot easier. It also reminds me that even though we put trust and faith in God and always allow him to guide the way, we must also acknowledge that his handiwork is as much a part of the heavens as what it is here on earth, and being grateful for being alive each and every day to witness this beauty is truly a blessing we can all be thankful for.

2. WP Engine– for the best website hosting and support in the pricing range I can currently afford

3. Dymocks Books- A family owned business and the oldest Australian-owned bookstore with a franchised network. Every Dymocks store is owned and operated by locals who are extremely well-read and passionate about books. They do more than just sell books but rather support their communities by expanding their reading knowledge.

4. Yaro Starak- Blog Profit blueprint FREE ebook download I used when first learning about making money online. Such a super down to earth Aussie guy, and I’ve learned heaps from his website.

5. Steven Pressfield- Author and Champion of Writers worldwide- The Warrior Ethos Book

6. Steven Pressfield- Author and Champion of Writers worldwide- The Profession Book

7. Fiverr- I’ve used fiverr for heaps of stuff over the years, and not just $5 stuff….my editor and graphic designer for the Know You and Love You Journals, plus my email marketing whiz Lauren are all Australian Business Woman freelancing on fivver 🙂

I’ll share with you some of my favourite fiverr people below, but please note: most of the people I use and recommend aren’t cheap. Where possible I try and support Female + Australian first because it aligns with my values, but I do use a wide variety of people as well, it just depends on what I need done.

8. For Email Marketing: Consider Lauren – Female + Australian

9. For Graphic Design: Consider Emma– Female + Australian

10. For Editing: Consider Jan- Female + Australian

11. For Book Cover Mockups: Consider Amna: Female + Pakistan

12. For hand drawn vintage logos (they made the compass for the Value Compass Book): Consider Matt & Tristan– Male + Australian

13. For A_M_A_Z_I_N_G piano instrumentals (he made two or three of mine for previous stories of 1M1M1Y) or other music: Consider Sebastian: Male + German

14. If you are a creative and looking to release imposter syndrome in order to publish and ship your creations prolifically whilst understanding that all work is part of your practice: Consider Seth Godin’s book The Practice

My list of Advertising or financially compensated work to date:

Currently I only have 2 ways of monetizing my writing on other people’s platforms.

They are my work on VOCAL Media– which is pay per read and will eventually house some of my back catalogue of work when the time is right. I was going to put my entire back catalogue on vocal but you dont have full control of your work on vocal. It needs to be approved, and then it can’t be easily edited or deleted once published. which is a nightmare if you want to future link other articles or alter anything.

And Substack (which I love and hope to find my 1,000 real true fans on after the story of 1M1M1Y is finished)- which is a community where readers can pay a monthly subscription.

Being a creator is scary, in the sense that we put hundreds and thousands of hours of work in over the course of our career and never know if we will be financially supported by the people we write for. Click To Tweet

In saying that, my outlook has changed very much since first making the decision to be a creator. I now realise that the right people will support me, and those who don’t are not the people I want to align myself with.

Business like friendship is a two way street.

And although not everyone can afford to buy a $10,000 masterclass, everyone can afford to support their favourite creators through affiliate links or pay per view readership like VOCAL or small $5 per month subscriptions like substack… Click To Tweet

Our job as creators is to use all the different forms of monetization available to us, to allow different demographics of our customers to enter into a customer relationship at any entry point they find us and have access to the work/writing they need, at the pricethey can afford for the particular stage of their customer journey.

If my work helps you in any way, then please consider supporting my journey, so in turn I can keep writing, and sharing my knowledge and supporting you too!

Much Love

Nina xo