Katalin Howell

Leadership development professional

Katalin is a leadership development professional with over 20 years experience in psychology education, leadership development, board governance, and executive education. Kat’s passion is to inspire individuals to empower self and others to make good choices to have a positive impact in achieving their leadership vision.

Katalin is the Founder and Managing Director of Flow Leadership Centre Pty Ltd, and an Associate of the Melbourne Business School. Katalin’s research has lead to her development of the Flow Leadership Model to achieve Flow Leadership – the ideal or ultimate state of effectiveness, influence and success in leadership.

Ed (Psych), B. App Sci (Psych) Hons, Grad Dip Health & Welfare, M. Couns, MICF, MAICD.


Leadership development series:

“The most effective and successful leader is both self aware and skilled; they are capable of fluently adapting their approach to fit the current context, optimally utilising their skills in a challenging environment”.

Session 1 – Why Leadership? For small business owners, professionals and entrepreneurs

Session 2 – Developing self-awareness and leadership skills

Session 3 – Effective communication to have influence

Session 4 – Appropriate assertiveness: from fight/flight to flow

Session 5 – Appropriate assertiveness the next step: confidence and skills to have difficult conversations

Session 6 – Flow leadership. The evolution of leadership styles to the most effective and successful leadership today