Jodie maree spiritual

Jodie Maree O’Connor

Founder of Jodie Maree Spiritual Healer

I am Jodie Maree and it is my life’s passion to nurture humanity and to provide a sound comprehensive approach to holistic healing. I thoroughly enjoy my craft as a Reiki Practitioner, Therapeutic Masseuse, Holistic Healer and Meditation Facilitator.

It is very exciting to become a Member of The Garden in Frankston and to work in a beautiful and thriving Wellbeing Centre with other professional practitioners. I value my abilities as a Spiritual Healer and have dedicated my life to grow, nurture and to share in this vast field of Universal knowledge.

In 1999, I had the privilege to meet my Reiki Master, Jan Banks along with Spiritual Elders, Gayatri and Brahman Peter, who all nurtured my young spirit. Jan tuned me into Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki that year and I have been using my hands for healing ever since. I am blessed to still have Jan in my life today.

My mentor is Mike Clarkson from Alphega Therapies in Bairnsdale. Mike has instructed me since 2003 and I still seek his wisdom to this very day. I feel privileged to have been taught many of the modalities that Spiritual Healing encompasses, such as Advanced Meditation techniques, Aura work and Colour Therapy, Chakra Healing and Zazen Breathwork.

I have a back ground in Disability Support and Aged Care and worked for many years with a diverse range of people on a spectrum of varied platforms; from high profile professionals to individuals with compromised lifestyles and backgrounds. These bodies of work have provided me with tremendous integrity to my professional skills.  I am an advocate for the environment, healthy lifestyles, home birthing, dying with dignity and treat every individual with respect and compassion.