Emily Dunstan

Chunky Yoga Founder & Teacher

I have been practicing yoga for a while and found the classes I participated in lacked diversity in body shape.  From talking with my friends, I found others were hesitant in participating in yoga due to intimidation and the fear that they wouldn’t be able to physically practice yoga.

Chunky Yoga is based on Purna Yoga, a Hatha style yoga focusing specifically on accessibility, empowerment and safety.  I have created Chunky Yoga so other people who are hesitant to attend yoga classes because of their body shape, will feel empowered and begin their yoga journey.


I, personally have experienced the positives of yoga, and how it has helped balance my mind when suffering from depression, anxiety and body dysphoria. I love teaching these classes as they have been developed out of the desire to share this message to people who will benefit, regardless of their body.  Yoga is for the soul. Why allow society’s perceptions of beauty prevent you from nourishing and growing the most important part of your existence