Deanne Atkinson

Step Parent and Parenting Coaching Spiritual Counselling

Deanne is passionate about parenting.  For five years of her son’s life she was a single mum and then for the last 6 years she has been a step mum to two boys as well as a new mum to her daughter.  She admits parenting was difficult as a single mother and so pledged to be a better parent second time round.  Her opportunity came with added responsibility of step parenting.

This complex family situation has ignited a passion for positive parenting including positive step parenting.  As a dedicated and passionate parent and with her training and personal experiences Deanne can assist clients through the difficulties of parenting and step parenting.


She has a background in nursing and massage therapy however for the last 15 years she has been actively involved with Sphinx Spiritual.  During this time she has achieved accreditation as a Medium, Hahnemann Healer, Parenting Coach and Spiritual Counsellor.  She continues her commitment to her spiritual growth and training as she understands through knowledge comes accountability and change.


She is excited to be part of the team at The Garden and enjoys seeing clients find clarity as they work towards letting go of negativity in their lives.  Deanne prides herself on integrity and sincerity with a keen interest in helping people live a more fulfilling life.  She is known on the Mornington Peninsula for her spiritual meditation classes, her readings and spiritual workshops.  Her inspirational Face book Step Parent page has followers around the globe.  She looks forward to providing a different approach to parenting through her coaching and spiritual counselling and being a valued member at The Garden.


Phone number: 0413 316 079