Podcast Studio at The Garden

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The Podcast Studio at The Garden offers an easy and cost effective way to record your content.
Podcasting has long been a valuable platform for small businesses & entrepreneurs & continues to grow stronger each year. It is a convenient & easy way to share your content with engaged consumers and speak directly to your audience. What makes for a great podcast, outside of engaging content, is a great sound quality & consistency and the Podcast Studio at The Garden allows you to produce both of these factors efficiently and effectively, without the high cost of the traditional recording studio setting or financial outlay of all the equipment and setting up your own space in our existing business or home office.
Our recording space is equipped with a high quality professional microphone made specifically for recording a single voice or interview style with two or more people. Audio tiles ensure there is no echo and a high quality sound.
The Podcast Studio at The Garden is also perfect for those wanting to record audio files such as guided meditations or hypnotherapy scripts that can be downloaded from your website or given to clients as an audio file. If you have trouble writing blogs or eBooks then come and record yourself talking and the audio can be transcribed or, create your videos – the space is also perfect for visual recordings of instructional videos or interviews.
The options are varied and if you need some idea, come and have a chat with us. We are also able to assist you to set up your recording software and give you advice on editing options.
If you would like to take a look at the Podcast Studio at The Garden please get in touch at thegardenfrankston@gmail.com
The booking link and rates for all of our spaces can be found HERE!