The Garden is a dynamic space for start-ups, creative’s and holistic practitioners to grow your business.

This is a perfect space for businesses who are holistic in nature; health & wellbeing practitioners such as Hypnotherapists, Massage therapists, Counsellors, Naturopaths, Nutritionists, wellness coaches etc. as well as business or lifestyle consultants including coaches, designers, business to business services….. the possibilities are endless!

We have a number of different spaces (please scroll right to the bottom of this page for our rates table):

  • 5 Acacia consulting rooms
  • The Bloom Room is a large workshop/event/class room for up to 30 people
  • Podcasting Studio
  • Creators Studio/Meeting Room
  • The Hive Workshop space (20 people seated)
  • The Hive Co-Working space with 14 desks
  • The Market Retail Space


The Garden is perfect for individuals who have an interest in working in a collaborative community environment to start or grow your business. We have a cooperative culture where practitioners can flourish as individuals and are happy to refer to others, and promote and support each other. People who call The Garden home become part of a team in our thriving mind, body, business hub where you feel nourished in a dynamic environment. If you feel aligned to our vision and can see this as a space where you can blossom please get in touch.

** When booking a space please ensure you include time before and after your actual appointment for setting up and packing up the room (by adding 15 – 30 minutes before and after, depending on your needs). This also helps to avoid practitioners appointments or workshop times running into each other. Thank you for your assistance.

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Our multipurpose venue provides many ways for entrepreneurs, start ups and scale ups to expand in a holistic and nurturing environment

A space to call your own with WiFi, a coffee machine & a wide range of herbal teas, what more could you want!

Acacia Consulting Rooms


We have consulting rooms that are all approximately 10 square meters each. These rooms suit a range of different types of consultants and practitioners such as Business coaches, Designers, Massage, Beauty Therapy, Nutrition, Naturopathy, Hypnotherapy, Tutoring & more. We aim to provide a range of services to the community and help the members who use The Garden as a home, to grow your business. Rooms are furnished, ready for you to add your own touch.

When making your booking please allow time at the beginning and end of your appointment to set up and pack down the room. It’s important that there are no back to back clients coming in to see different practitioners.








Creators Studio


We have created a space where entrepreneurs and creatives can bring your ideas to life & teach your passion to others through workshops for children & adults in a fun & intimate space. The creators studio also converts into a great space to host a meeting!



Podcasting Studio

It can be difficult to create the right environment to record your podcast. Not only do we have a fantastic environment, we also have a Blue Yeti microphone, so all you have to do is bring your laptop to record onto. We also have someone who can get you set up, teach you how to record for best sound quality & even edit your podcast (at an hourly rate) if you’d prefer not to do all that technical stuff!  So all you have to do is book the space, turn up and create your podcast!



The Bloom Room – Workshop & Event Space


Our workshop space can be used to run classes, group sessions, meetings or circles. It’s large enough to fit 30 people and can be intimate enough to suit 4. We have 30 chairs, 3 long (eclectic & retro) boardroom tables, Bean Bags, a whiteboard & TV screen that enable you to create the perfect environment for you event.

When you book the Bloom Room we’ll send you a FORM with a range of questions to help make your event a huge success.



The Hive – Co-working & Meeting Rooms


The Hive Co-working space has 14 desks that can be rented for a casual daily rate or subscribe to become a member and be guaranteed a desk 5 to 20 days a month. Co-working offers you a professional environment with the privacy and respect you need to be productive, but you’re not alone. You get to bounce ideas off people, ask for feedback and offer your own support to other co-workers. It’s a wonderful balance of having an office environment without the boss hanging over your shoulder & no dishes or washing to distract you!

The Garden also offers a small but private room where you can meet with a client (comfortably fits 8 -10 people), have a phone or skype conversation or just escape to work by yourself for a bit.

Please note that our The Hive is undergoing some changes at the moment! We are fully functioning & open for business but we’re still working on decorating the space so we’re very ‘industrial’ at the moment!!!



The Market – Retail Space


We LOVE beautiful things and aim to fill our retail space with local hand-made products to showcase some of the talents of the community. We are particularly looking for products that are free of harmful chemicals including artificial fragrance, but could be clothing, jewelry, home wares, skin care products, art or, anything really! We also have a double shop front exposed retail space & can display hand crafted wares, books, crystals, healthy food, locally made skin care, makeup, essential oils, supplements, jewelry and more!



Welcoming Reception Space





If you would like to join our team please get in touch, we’d love to show you through The Garden and discuss how we can help your business grow!

Room Capacity Hourly Half Day (4 hrs) Day (8 hrs)
Bloom Room (workshops, large meetings & classes) 30 $25 $150
Creators Studio 10 $18 $100
Acacia Room 1 up to 5 $25 $75 $110
Acacia Room 2 up to 3 $25 $75 $110
Acacia Room 3 up to 3 $25 $75 $110
Acacia Room 4 up to 3 $25 $75 $110
The Hive Workshop Room 20 $25 $150
The Hive Co-working Space 14 desks Hourly blocks can be used as a whole day or divided as needed - $40 for 8hrs / $64 for 16 hrs / $96 for 32 hrs / $400 a month - Access 24/7 to your own desk at The Hive AND use of The Hive meeting rooms
Retail Space Space depends on size & quantity of products Commission based 30%